Sydney Lockdown Day 81

This morning we started off with a huge broadcast for all NSW teachers involved in the union. I’m a proud union member because it’s safe to know that I’m part of a community that is fighting for our rights.

We can’t trust our government to give us what we deserve because they always try to undercut us.

So please support us by heading to this website and sign the petition from wherever you are.

The more people that sign this in support of us, the higher the chance our voices can be heard.

We are facing a huge teacher shortage simply because this occupation is no longer desirable. I don’t blame them because we work on average 55 hours per week to keep up with curriculum changes and student needs.

There are so many different levels in a classroom and when I was teaching Chinese to Year 10, I had 5 different levels of language ability all in one 50-minute period. Imagine juggling that? But adding students with learning disabilities and learning difficulties. Oh, and don’t get me started with behaviours.

Not only that, I have colleagues who are teaching outside of their area of expertise simply because we don’t have teachers for those subjects.

I have even considered leaving this profession and becoming one of those statistics that is, 1 in 8 teachers in their first six-years leave.

There are more info from these fact sheets created by our union: Salaries, Teacher Shortages and Workload.

An investment in our teachers is an investment in our students – the next generation.

People who choose this career are passionate. Teachers are passionate. Why? We care. We care for our students. We care for their wellbeing. We also care for their education. Usually we are the first point of call for students as they reveal what troubles them at school, at home, and perhaps, life in general.

That is why we are more than just a teacher in a classroom. We guide them to explore and test out new experiences before releasing them out to the real world. This is where we tell them it’s ok to make mistakes because you have a safe bubble to fall back on. They have support from us.

But we don’t have support. Our values, beliefs and purpose are constantly being undermined by society. It is hard. But I am still in this career because of my students. They are the ones who help me continue when things are tough because I love seeing them improve both in and outside of the classroom.

In saying that, not everyone can just stay because of their students. We have lives outside of school in which it can place pressure on us. We have bills to pay. We have expectations to fulfil for our culture, our family and for ourselves.

But we are constantly being taken advantaged. Any policies, rules and guidelines that are set out for us are heard from the media, not the government. They don’t respect us. None of them do. There is this huge misconception that we only work from 9am-3pm. It is completely false.

While I am the type of person who is trying to maintain a healthy work-life balance, I can tell you that I spend my Sundays working. My own free time. I also spend my weeknights after school working. My own free time. I spend my annual leave working. My own free time.

We don’t get paid extra. But do get paid less. If we are not valued, respected and prioritised, the future generation will suffer. No doubt about it.

Now I’m going to sing a different tune because I don’t want this post to be solely about the negatives of teaching. There is beauty in my life and one of them is my accessible access to beaches.

I deliberately took my lunch break outside to breathe in the refreshing salty air. I needed this to take a healthy break from working on my laptop for hours on end. Even though I finished marking, luckily, I spent today doing administrative work. It was tedious and one of the reasons why I strongly contemplated about leaving.

But I’m not going to delve into this because I’ll get negative again lol.

I’m just content I can visit two different beaches in a day. It was raining early morning but I’m glad the sun popped up in the afternoon.

I even got to see a few of my students who have adorning bright smiles on their face.

I miss seeing them in the classroom and interacting with them. It’s definitely not the same online.

Anyways, although it was sunny, the weather was quite cold and bordering freezing.

I made a mistake of wearing shorts and a very loose shirt.

It’s quite ironic because I’m wearing this cute Hawaiian shirt to give off this summery vibes since it’s sunny but the temperature does not reflect summer at all.

So after a quick walk across the beach, I ran back to my car and went grocery shopping instead haha.

My friends did say that Sat will be warm as it’s hitting 26°C. But I’m not liking the 50% chance of rain.

Hopefully it will be another nice and sunny weekend to bring a nice start to the holidays.

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