Sydney Lockdown Day 79

It’s not surprise that reflecting on my day, on a weekday, is increasingly hard as my body is trying to slow down and want to rest. Or basically just laze around without having a bajillion things going through my mind about work. But I won’t be able to rest until this week is over as it is finally the last week of school before holidays!

But as an endless cycle, I will be thinking about work during the holidays. I would even be lesson planning too lol. And who are those people who say that teachers don’t work on holidays?!

Anyways, regardless of those minorities, I was quite on task today though as I managed to finish all my marking! I’m proud of myself that I didn’t spend any of my personal time to achieve this feat and I think it’ll be the only time this will happen (unless stay-at-home orders occur during the school term again). I also had meetings and even had to teach live lessons. So yes, definitely proud of my work ethic today.

But it doesn’t mean that the rest of this week will be easy. It just means that I now have more time dedicated to complete all these admin tasks and to try to reduce them before Friday 3pm.

Nevertheless, I’m not going to be a superhero and try to attempt to complete all of those admin tasks today. No no. It’s Tuesday and I want to take it slow so I don’t stress myself.

That is quite an important mentality to have especially WFH. No one else but yourself can look after your own wellbeing. While others will show care, only you have the action to perform the care.

And as usually, I always take a good half-hour break (or perhaps more) dedicated to my food.

This time is used wisely to prepare all the ingredients for my brunch. I’m trying to avoid a lot of processed food (hard to nowadays) but since discovering the markets, it’s not too bad.

Plus, having this time dedicated to eat always puts me in a better mood.

So while the plate is filled with veggies and my over-riped avo, I also had eggs and ham for my protein, and corn thins as my carbs.

Quite filling as I didn’t get hungry until 3:40ish. Normally I would have my dinner around 5ish but I don’t know why I’ve been getting a bit hungry… earlier…

Is it because of the colder weather? Or are my hormones in play here? Hmmmmm.

But anyways, for my next meal, I used this all-purpose chicken marinade to boil my drumsticks. While that was happening, I decided to add some bok choy and even these noodles to the pot. I also added a sneaky mandu. It was fab though I might’ve added too much of this marinade as it was a bit salty lol.

And to end of my night, I had this dessert comprising of blueberries, passionfruit, greek yoghurt and custard! Since I bought custard last time, I bought more and it’s this 1kg carton from Woollies. It tastes the same as Pauls and cheaper too.

Today wasn’t just about food. It is also about the rain ruining my plans to go out for a nice stroll. I wanted to walk 10k steps today and was hopeful I could’ve gone out as it was sunny from morning till early afternoon. But once I finished my dinner, and was ready to head out, it started pouring.

I even got my rain jacket and socks ready! I was patient though. I waited for like half an hour until the rain took a break. But then, it was only a very short break before the drumming of the rain drops sounded again.

Seems like they didn’t want me to use up my energy outside and so I resolved to lay on my bed, binging Money Heist again. I’m already up to Part 2.

And back to food, I ordered more from Moashop. I can’t help myself. I’ve been hauling all these items in my cart for weeks and my birthday is coming up so…🤩

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