Sydney Lockdown Day 77

It was a lazy Sunday that allowed me to rest. I didn’t get much sleep last night in which it has played a toll on my energy today. I didn’t even get out of bed until my phone was about to die. If only I could just close my eyes and sleep for a few more hours. I wasn’t even hungry so why was I even up?

When I was getting peckish, a few hours later, I decided to have this cheesecake made by my neighbour with custard. But what I did was airfry a half a puff pastry sheet (cut up into smaller rectangles) so that when it puffs up, I can add the custard and cinnamon into it easily. Smart right?

In actual fact, I saw this hack from a TikTok video and is definitely one of the successful ones. I can still remember those pasta chips – shudders – the worst.

This cheesecake wasn’t too bad as it wasn’t overly sweet. Luckily I only had this piece because my calories would’ve went up the roof. Was already shocked at how much one slice was.

Then afterwards I quickly changed to head out the beach. My plan was simple: top up petrol, go to a beach and return home to sleep. Just three easy steps.

I did the first two easily. Petrol was still expensive but it is still the main source of power my car requires in order to move. The beach wasn’t overly packed with people though I was surprised to see many sun baking. But was I really? I mean, I was just going to go for a dip but then I couldn’t help but spread out my towel and bask in the sun. I’m often the one who hates doing that but I guess my tiredness got the best of me.

It was soothing to just close my eyes and leave my ears open to the waves which were quite strong today. It was carrying a lot of sand which made me ponder on whether I should take a dip because then I would get it everywhere.

In the end, I went in. The water was cold while the sun glaring down at you was hot. Somehow, these contrasting temperatures brings upon a sense of comfort as you’re floating. I was clumsy when I first got in as the waves were overpowering me. Sand went everywhere and I could feel it. Even while trying to get them off as I was in the water was difficult.

But I had fun. Perfect way to end my weekend.

I then packed up and headed straight to Woollies to stock up on some meat since I have none left in the freezer. I bought quite a bit but at least this means I don’t need to think about it for a while. I do like having a few options in my fridge while I’m deciding on what to eat.

Bit of a paradox seeing that I hate seeing a lot of options when I’m at restaurants because I’m scared I might regret my choice. Perhaps the difference is that at home, I will eat them all when I get to it whereas that is not always the case at restaurants. But saying that, watching mukbangs ordering food is making me miss ordering food outside.

After a nice and cool shower, and putting the clothes in the washer, my eyes were locked at this painting. While some may say it’s complete, I know I still want to put on a second coat on all the colours.

I still have plenty of paint left and I think that’s what the intention was.

I managed to repaint the majority of the background and some leaves while the wind was blowing against me.

I eventually had to stop because it was getting stronger. My hair was freshly washed and is drying nicely in its natural curls – didn’t want it to get ruined by the wind.

I’m glad I did get to paint more than expected and hopefully I can finish it during these upcoming holidays.

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