Sydney Lockdown Day 76

Invigorating start to my morning as I saw the sun rising up in its full glory! What I thought would be my last sunrise for a while, I began to think that I should wake up early more often to continue to see such beauty..

Finding you
was like drawing the curtains
on a warm spring morning day;
a breath of light
and new beginnings,
as though the
world itself had been
– Beau Taplin, Here at Dawn

Honestly I might’ve missed it this morning. It was funny that I had a little nightmare that I woke up in the afternoon and missed out on the sunrise. Not only that, we have organised to leave at 5.30am. For some reason the alarm didn’t wake me up and when I checked the time, it was 5.25am! 5 mins to get ready? Not a chance!

But I did it. Went to the toilet, changed to my jogging gear, put on my socks, popped in a gum since I wouldn’t have time to brush my teeth and made sure I got my necessities: phone, keys and sunnies. I left my place at 5:31am. Just a minute late but we made it there on time.

I hated the rush but seeing this wonder in front of my eyes just washed away all those worries. It is a special moment and a wonderful way to start off the day. We did the lake immediately after taking shots for our socials, but not before grabbing a quick coffee to give us the energy.

As soon as I got home, I rested, did the laundry, showered and spent the rest of my day on the couch. I started this new series on Netflix called On the Verge (which I finished) and it’s quite funny. It depicts the lives of four different women who are close friends – all in their 40s. Never seen much shows in this age range but it was intriguing to see how even by then, they don’t feel settled in their life. It kind of felt sad that they sacrificed so much for their families and are’t valued by all of them. Even their husbands are dickheads, one in particular is so insecure about his own life because his wife’s career is even more successful than his jobless self. I mean he did go to interviews but wasn’t successful and so, took it out on his wife – thank goodness not physically. Even the son could tell as he would “Why is papa so mean to you?”.

Only did he get a job in the last ep did he apologise to his wife for his behaviour. I’m just sick of watching people behave like that because it is clearly a reflection of his own invaluable self. I’m glad the wife wanted to divorce him at the end, but that’s mainly because of her own guilt because she cheated on him on a business trip (which he still doesn’t know.

Then another woman is showcasing a bit of mid-life crisis as she’s not even sure being a stay-at-home mum is what she wants. I mean she got married at 25 years old!

I’m already 25 and don’t even feel obliged to settle down. I don’t even think I want to sacrifice my career for a relationship, or even a family. Like why are women often expected to sacrifice their careers at this point in time? It’s unfair.

There is still so much I want to explore and experience before I commit to a life where I am obliged to settle down. Perhaps I would forget my desire to teach overseas and settle here as it’s not as appealing to me anymore. I really do like the lifestyle here at the beaches but would just need to make more new connections here. Perhaps I should join a community sport but I don’t think I can commit to it on a weekly basis. I don’t even know anymore…just still taking it by the day and ensuring that I am happy with what I have achieved today.

Life is only fruitful if you are happy. Live it for yourself.

I experimented for dinner today but using making a mash out of my sweet potato and cooking this type of beef. Honestly, I wasn’t up to eating over 500g of beef but only did I see it come out of the air fryer did I realise it was two pieces! Oh thank goodness!

I was looking up recipes on how to cook this particular cut of meat and a lot of the recipes a few hours of preparation which I didn’t want. Plus, there were others that wanted me to coat it in flour. I don’t even have flour at home and wanted alternatives which wasn’t helpful at all.

So I decided to fuck it and went straight with my cornflakes crumbs. It worked! I just patted the crumbs on the raw meat then seared it in a medium-hot oiled pan on each side. Then once it’s golden, I put it in the air fryer for about 10mins at 200°C just so that the inside can cook and the outside can be crispy.

It was quite yummy and perhaps next time I can put it in curries or even in my bolognese sauce with pasta or cous cous.

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