Sydney Lockdown Day 75

This morning I was able to wake up early and head to the markets for some new food haul! As it’s my second time there, a lot of the stalls already seems familiar and I knew exactly where to head for some fresh produce. I bought more portobello mushrooms which I had for brunch with my mum’s homemade quiche. As you can see in the far left pic, it’s quite spaced out so social distancing was enforced here.

I honestly love that the markets are opened every Friday morning as it’s such a nice break to get away from the house. Plus, the weather was lovely. I did head there just before 8am and it was already bustling with locals. So I think I can head there earlier from now on just so that there’s a bit more leeway to when I can get back home to work.

The work day flew by very quickly as usual. In fact, I can’t believe it’s a Friday as Monday seems like it was yesterday. I did another lake walk/jog as I’ll be heading to the beach tomorrow for another sunrise hike with my neighbour. I just love how the water is so still and clear as the clouds are reflected below.

Perhaps on another weekend I might do a run around the lake. Would have to wear better shorts as the ones I wore today were a bit loose – does this mean I lost weight? haha

But today was honestly another day of celebration as I finished marking another class set of essays! Now I only have one more class to go and I’m hopeful I can finish it before the holidays start! Which means…no marking for two whole weeks! YIPEE!

This is honestly my first year where I didn’t bring any marking home to mark over the holidays and I’m quite liking it. I think I honestly set out my timing right and the fact that I’m not teaching face-face has helped me used those time to mark their assignments. Time well spent.

And so, I decided to treat myself with some nachos. I was in a bit of a dilemma on how to use up the rest of my beef mince. My friends suggested for me to make another set of meatballs but I wasn’t too keen of it as the first batch is still in the fridge. Then they suggested something else which I forgot. But I did buy some doritos at Woollies (first time shopping there at 7am!) as they were half price.

I love their chips because of the cheesy flavour and it’s perfect when baked in the oven, and topped with extra cheese. Absolutely delicious!

They’re also quite dangerous as I already finished half a packet by the time I was done with dinner. To make myself feel a bit better, I had washed up some lettuce as a side in which some of it, I made a wrap with the meat.

I really want the car wash services to be opened again or at least let me travel back to my parents so I can get my car cleaned. I can’t do it here because I don’t have the tools here nor am I bothered to purchase them.

But there is some hope that I may be freed out of this lockdown since I’ve already received double doses of the vaccine with the government’s Road to Freedom Map. I hope I’ll be able to travel out of my LGA as I do want to see the rest of my fam again. Here’s to hoping.

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