Sydney Lockdown Day 74

What better way to start the morning than embracing the sun’s warmth as you wake up? According to my weather app, the max is going to be 26°C and immediately, my thoughts went straight to the soothing waves. I want to go. I wanted to leave the house and just head straight to the blue sea.

But exam period has begun. And as always, English was first. It has been a while since I last supervised an exam and I can’t say that I enjoy it. But this time it’s online and this is my first ever. The time flew by and that’s because I was busy monitoring every single students’ papers in this class I was assigned to, as well as monitoring other things in case of misadventure. It was cute seeing their concentrating faces as they were going through the exam – oh how I miss teaching face-face.

While I don’t mind my current situation (though I’m slowly getting sick of it), I did not spend four years of my teaching degree to teach behind a screen. October 25th is the presumed date we can go back (in a staggered manner) but that is more than a month away.

Anyways, I revitalised my day by spoiling myself with ice-cream, waffles and seasonal fruits! I remember I did mention that I didn’t want to buy these waffles again but after going through this one (which is my last one), I kind of want to buy more haha. Maybe I need to find another brand of waffles that isn’t too sweet, or buy a waffle maker so I can make one at home.

Waffle + strawberries + blueberries + passionfruit + vanilla ice cream

I went out finally! Though I did have a little mishap when I got to my car. For some reason…I sat on a spider? A brown, furry one. It might’ve been a huntsman? I’m not too sure because when I lifted my butt, it was already squished into pieces. Thank goodness there was no juices or anything like that. It must’ve crawled up to the seat when I was reaching over to the other side.

Luckily I had spare tissues to get rid of the evidence though I should vacuum my car tomorrow. It’s funny how I didn’t scream because that is usually my first call to action whenever I’m faced with creepy-crawlies. But I think I realised that since I’m living by myself, there is no one else to depend on but me. Myself. And I.

Poor spider but I’m just glad I wasn’t bitten or hurt.

Anyways, after that whole debacle, it was time for me to set off to my glory. Mona Vale Beach.This time, I went to a different section of and lots of locals had the same idea as me – bask in the glory of the sun! They had a pool there in which the water was cold, but soothing. I was a bit too scared to go all in, mainly because I didn’t want to wash my hair today because I just did it yesterday. I might try again tomorrow as the sun is going to stay for the rest of the week, and with warm temperatures too!

I’ve already planned to go for another sunrise hike on Saturday morning and I’m super excited about that. The sun is rising so early nowadays that I might not be able to do another sunrise hike for a while because I don’t know if I can even get up that early haha.

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