Sydney Lockdown Day 73

You know, I thought I would’ve been able to wake up and head to any beach to see the sunrise but I didn’t wake up until 7am. I didn’t even get out of bed until an hour later but I’m feeling so energised. Max is 19 degrees today but the sun is so nice I might go out for a short jog later or even a swim before coming back to recharge.

Was it because I spent all of last night finishing Money Heist again for the second time? I unknowingly cried at the same parts again and even watched the documentary which made me develop mad respect for everyone involved. Two whole weeks filming the same scene again and again for the different camera angles is no easy feat. No wonder why the production and filming always take so long. I totally understand now!

I spent my morning catching up on this new kdrama starring my fave Kim Yoo-Jung called Lovers of the Red Sky. Any dramas that has her is a definite hit and this is no exception. Plus, it has been a long time since I’ve seen any saeguk (historical) dramas and I love this genre because of the costuming, architecture and just everything about it.

I wasn’t too hungry surprisingly but decided to break open those passionfruits since they’ve been sitting there for nearly a week now.

I mixed it with some strawberries, blueberries and strawberry yoghurt. I think if I had greek yoghurt, mmmmmm.

Looks like I should go to the shops soon as I do need to stock up on more meat.

Lol did I seriously say that I would go out for a jog? I must’ve been on a high because I didn’t go out except for emptying my bins. But a total productive day nonetheless as I’m halfway done with marking my 3rd class. As it is a wellbeing day held at my school, everyone took this day as a mental breather and I certainly did not waste it. I spend half the day focusing on my wellbeing and the other half marking.

I wonder if staff can provide feedback and ask for more of these on a weekly, or even fortnightly basis. It definitely relieves the stress and I think the students (and parents) appreciate it as well.

Anyways, my mum came over. It’s been a bit over two months since I’ve last saw her and hugged her as well. With the singles bubble, I’m allowed to have only one nominated person who can visit me. This nominated person doesn’t have to be within my LGA as both of us do not reside in the LGAs of concern. As such, I may not be alone on my birthday haha.

Mum brought over a lot of clothes and other stuff I requested. Moving is honestly a heavy feat as I had to make several trips and still haven’t moved all my stuff over.

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