Sydney Lockdown Day 71

My eyes didn’t want to open as my mind was readying us for another busy work week. While there’s only two more weeks to go before school holidays begin, I know there’s nothing much to look forward to as I will still be in lockdown.

Since last night, I’ve continued watching Money Heist, I’m still excited about every single thing and crying at the same scenes. I’m already close to the end of Part 4 lol. I think I’ll probably have another round of rewatching during the upcoming holidays before Part 6 release.

Today wasn’t too cold though and for some reason I thought it was ok to continue drinking this orange juice which has been in the fridge for weeks. It tasted off but still alright at the same time. Only until I googled it did I find out that when it tastes fizzy, it’s already bad. Ooops. I might have diarrhoea later, I prefer that than vomiting it out because the after taste is cruel.

You honestly learn so much while living alone as I thought that as long as it’s in the fridge, it’s safe. But when I look at the instructions on the container, it did say best consume within 3-5 days of opening. Major oops. But, I’m the type of person who learns on the go, even if I get mild food poisoning.

Anyways, I did have a very scrumptious meal to start off my day as I wanted to finish my waffles. I did confess to my friend earlier that I regretted buying these waffles from Aldi. She thought I meant I bought too much but in actual fact, it was too sweet. But at least I know now and can buy it if I want a sweet waffle.

I thought I could turn it to a savoury brunch with egg, ham and cheese. It was delicious but the waffle’s sweetness overpowered it slightly. But I did change the tides when I added ricotta and tomatoes.

Since I only have one waffle left, I might add custard and cinnamon to it. This will definitely finish my waffle adventure with a bang! Until the next one (that’s not as sweet).

I also made another batch of meatballs and this time, I filled up two trays! I also discovered that the top tray’s batch was a bit drier than the bottom tray due to the placement. Definitely good to know for future cooking as I don’t often use the oven. I honestly didn’t plan to make them today but thought why not?

I couldn’t nap as my phone kept on buzzing with notifications. I know I probably should’ve turned off the vibrations but what if I can’t hear the notification sound when it’s not on silent? At least I can feel it. Or that was the thought before lockdown as everywhere was busy.

Now it’s not as crowded and even today on my walk, I didn’t see many people out and about. I guess they’re either taking the health advice seriously or it’s just too hot haha.

I’m loving this season as it’s not overly hot like summer. Spring is definitely the best season ever (not bias because it’s my birthday month). I love how the days are longer which means I can spend more time outdoors (if we’re not in lockdown).

Since summer, I missed going out for walks after dinner as it was still light out. But then, the sun shines too bright and too early, which makes watching sunrise a bit too hard as I love my bed too much.

Perhaps instead of walking I’ll drive to watch the sunrise. Might do a Palm Beach one…perhaps a different beach every weekend.

That will probably be an unforgettable adventure.

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