Sydney Lockdown Day 70

For the majority of today, I thought it was a Saturday and that I had one more day of rest before another work week hits me. But when I checked my phone, it clearly said Sunday. It did’t rain though, as forecasted. Instead, it was sunny but very very windy.

I didn’t bother stepping outside of my house to fight against the chilly wind except to recycle some cardboard boxes from my recent delivery as they were taking up too much space inside. Besides that, I spent the majority of my day inside, rewatching Part 3 of Money Heist because I just don’t want this excitement to be gone just yet. Rewatching it doesn’t make it boring, in fact, it makes me more aware of some of the scenes and also, I miss Tokyo. (Never did I think I would say that statement.)

To make myself feel better, I did some resistant arm training and other workouts so that today is not all about me sitting on the couch watching shows while only getting up to eat.

Though I did make some scrumptious meals. I repeated my portobello recipe from Friday’s brunch and mixed it up with some avocado and camembert. I honestly want Friday to come back so I can buy more portobellos!

Then I reheated my cinnamon swirls from yesterday and topped it up with some strawberries and custard. Absolutely a divine snack if I may say so myself. In fact, it was a snack that I didn’t need but I just wanted those swirls since they are such a temptation.

I wonder if I got the cooking fever inside of my body as today I decided to make a Chinese classic: siu yok! Or more commonly known as crispy skin pork belly. It was definitely crispy and I’m super proud of myself because this was my first time ever!

For me, I consider myself a lazy cook as I like things to be done as fast as possible so I can eat. I’m a person who wants the outcome, but not the process. So when I saw this pop up on my TikTok with the easiest recipe ever, I decided I had to try it and prove to my mother I can cook haha.

I love how this version requires my air fryer because it’s my favourite kitchen appliance in the whole world. Since my air fryer is not that huge, I had to cut the pork belly into a smaller piece so it can fit, but it’s perfect for one person (I actually demolished it all for dinner tonight – see below pic). My mum was shocked that I was attempting this and gave me a few tips. If you don’t have Chinese 5 spice (which I didn’t), I could use pepper instead. Main thing is, I have to salt the skin just so that it crisps up.

So first, I washed this baby under cold water before cooking it in boiling hot water for about 30mins. It should be longer if it’s a bigger piece of pork. After it’s cooked, I placed it on my chopping board to pat it dry, make some slits, season with pepper, poke holes on the skin and rub the salt all over the skin.

Afterwards, it was time to air-fry it for 200 degrees celsius for 30mins. I did check it once during the cooking process to see if the skin was crisping up and it did! The colour was gorgeous and pepper is such an amazing seasoning!

The pork produces its own oils in which I used it to air-fry tofu for my vege stir-fry. Fabulous meal.

Dinner in lieu of Father’s Day

So while I can’t celebrate Father’s Day with dad, at least he knows his daughter is having a scrumptious dinner with his favourite crispy pork haha.

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