Sydney Lockdown Day 69

Last night I didn’t go to bed until I finished all five episodes of Money Heist. I’m already excited for the next part to arrive. I’m not even going to recount anything but I’m just sad that one of the main characters have been shot to death. She is feisty. She is strong. And she is damn bad-ass female! I’m wondering if we will see more of her in the next part but I guess I just have to ‘patiently’ wait until December.

While that was last night’s recount, this morning I spent hours watching dramas in the comfort of my own bed. My feet didn’t want to walk around the lake as it was sore and I don’t blame them. It’s time to rest and perhaps exercise at home instead as my new resistant bands arrived yesterday.

I also started watching this new Chinese drama called Be Yourself 机智的上半场 which focuses less on romance and more on college life. I love the realistic plot lines and how they make me miss university life again. Those were the times and while I like uni life, I love my current life more because $$$ haha.

Anyways, I was in the mood to try out new cooking hacks involving cinnamon and custard (the two ingredients I’ve been craving for days). Although I bought them yesterday, I wondered if there was something I could make with it instead of just having custard in a cup with cinnamon sprinkled on top of it.

And voila! Cinnamon swirls! They were easy to make as I went outside to buy puff pastry from Aldi as well as more protein to stock up my fridge so I don’t need to go on another grocery trip soon as Covid is too close right now. There was a lot of recipes online and tbh, I didn’t follow it to the tee.

The recipes asked for around 6 tablespoons of sugar which I didn’t bother following because 1. don’t like it sweet and 2. don’t want it to be sweet haha.

I did roll out this one layer of puff pastry with a clean wine bottle since I didn’t have a rolling pin, and can’t justify buying one just for this recipe. I had no doubt the wine bottle would roll out the pastry nicely to make my cinnamon spread (butter, cinnamon and sugar) easily all over it.

I then rolled from the top-down in a careful manner as I had long nails and didn’t want to put marks on it (and ruin my nails). Afterwards, I cut it into bite-sized pieces and placed it in my air fryer for 7-10mins (or until golden brown). Then I took insta-worthy photos to show it off and got many compliments on it. My parents even called me to ask what I made because it looked that good.

I didn’t finish it all today because these are heavy on the calories due to the puff pastry. It’s a good and easy snack to make so I’m glad I have another recipe I can just fake through under my belt.

White Tears/Brown Scars: How White Feminism Betrays Women of Color - Kindle  edition by Hamad, Ruby. Politics & Social Sciences Kindle eBooks @

I ended up continuing reading through White Tears/Brown Scars: How White Feminism Betrays Women Of Colour as it was so startling to see how she is explaining how the world has been so privileged for white people. And. It. Is. Still. Normalised.

“White supremacy is economic and political domination through the policing of racial purity. For it to succeed and appear natural at the same time necessitated the manipulation of the image of virtuous white women to present the white race as one of impeccable morals, far superior to the sex-crazed and animalistic inferior races, and there the peak of civilisation”.

How scarily true is that?

But at times I get a bit uncomfortable when she generalises the “white women” by asserting how they “were not passive bystanders to the racial crimes of white men: ‘They were co-conspirators'”.

This is quite a heavy accusation and while I agree to some extend, I don’t think Ruby Hamad should be generalising the white women.

To me, I still see people as people and not by the colour of their skin. But perhaps that’s the point Hamad is making here.

Racism is so inherent in our society that we don’t even see how this divide is affecting us as a whole.

She brought up examples from 2016 which took headlines in Australia as Sonia Kruger wanted a ban on Muslim immigration and this other women wanted another Stolen Generation. Till this day “neither woman apologised or retracted [their] statements”. And the situation with Yumi Child on Studio 10 as she called out a fellow female ‘white’ colleague, Kerri-Anne Kennerley, for being racist was and she was the one who had to leave. If you just watch the segment, Kerri’s behaviour was appalling as she tried to maintain that she was the victim and wouldn’t even listen to the Yumi’s explanation. After watching this, I understand Hamad’s point more clearly. It’s their own version of “gas-whiting” – “They are about winning the fight, setting the agenda, shutting down the other aid”. It’s so freaking true.

And, reflecting on my life this year, I was a victim of a racist attack at my workplace by ignorant and narrow-minded students. I could’ve pressed charges against them but they’re just kids and I wanted them to learn. Too bad they’re too thick-skinned, and their parents are too.

Also, I have noticed how one colleague would try to make it seem like she ‘understands’ me? For whatever reason I have no idea as I’m only here to teach my students well. But she will just pull out all these examples in relation to Asian people to showcase how she’s “open-minded”. It was total bullshit and I was like wtf the whole time she was talking because she’s white and I know she wouldn’t do it to another white person. It’s just another form of blatant discrimination, albeit subtle.

Perhaps I should’ve said something because I just let it go from one ear to the next as it was supposed to be a professional work environment. I haven’t seen her in a while after that as she took a very long leave. But we’ll see if she’ll do the same when we all return to work physically next term (if that ever happens).

Anyways, I had to take a pause from continuing this read as I had a phone call, then took the opportunity to dye my hair PINK! I deliberately bought the hair dye yesterday as I wanted to fulfil one of my lifelong desires: dye hair pink. And I did! The shade I got is ‘deep rose’ because my hair is quite dark except for the highlighted blonde bits. If I went for a lighter pink, I don’t think it will look nicely blended. So deep rose it was and it came out beautifully. I’m just glad I get to have pink hair for a very affordable price. Or perhaps no affordable if we count my previous salon visit. But oh well, investment is an investment. And it’s low maintenance – just what I wanted.

For dinner I air fried my chicken lovely legs which has been marinated for over 24 hours with orange juice, honey, and other condiments which I forgot.

It came out perfectly juicy, seasoned and I didn’t even have the urge to reach out for my BBQ sauce. I also made a greek feta salad on the side with avocados and had makgeolli to down it all.

This is my first time having this chestnut makgeolli and I think its the best I’ve had. I love the nuttiness aftertaste compared to the normal ones I had and it didn’t make me feel gassy in the stomach.

A definite winner for me and I’ll definitely be buying more of this from

It’s my favourite store to shop atm since the quality of foods they have in stock is top notch.

I already have a cart filled with food and I”m just waiting for my fridge to have more space to stock all these foods I’m going to get.

If only there wasn’t a shipping fee because then I can eat those scrumptious rice cakes again especially since mooncake season is soon approaching.

There’s no way for me to get mooncakes this year unless I leave my LGA and a lot of the mooncakes are sold out online. But at least I can have the korean version – not complaining. Though I really wanted to try the durian mooncake 🤤

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