Sydney Lockdown Day 68

I am on such a high because I finally got to go to The Beaches Market this morning! I love it! And it was quite packed this morning when I went. Its hours are 8am-12.30pm so I guess everyone else is just like me who tried to get in before work begins.

I saw a lot of school-aged children as well with their friends so it’s a nice catch-up for everyone.

I love that I get to stroll around with my sunnies, albeit masked up. But seeing all these fresh produce got me jumping up and down in joy.

Honestly, I never expected this market to look so nice!

There were a lot of queues, and unfortunately, not a lot of time for me to wait for my turn. I was glad to find parking easily because I was worried I would be spending a long time in the car.

I think a lot of these people come here earlier and wait till it opens which is smart because then you can kind of ‘beat’ the queues.

The prices aren’t too bad as you are getting it straight from the source and cutting out the middle man. We do need to support our Aussie farmers. I bought a lot of vegetables, mushrooms, fruits and even some passionfruits!

If I had more time, I would’ve queued up for those berries because they look so exquisite! But duty calls. However! Now that I’m on my phone, I had a freaking free period. Why did I even rush?

All those meats I could’ve gotten 😦 I didn’t take any protein out of the freezer so I definitely needed one for tonight’s dinner.

These mushrooms were so fresh and I’m so sad I didn’t buy more. But then, if I did, I wouldn’t be able to have finished it.

But I’m glad I was able to make it into a tasty meal. A successful trip! A beautiful day! Such a nice way to start of my weekend and I think I might do an entire lake hike tomorrow as it’s not going to rain until the late afternoon.

But the moment I’ve been waiting for has finally arrived. Money Heist P5! I can’t believe it’s only 5 episodes, I think I’ll finish them all tonight as I’m super hooked into it 🙊🙈

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