Sydney Lockdown Day 66

Day 66 and a day of ranting I suppose. But honestly, what is with this cancel culture that’s happening in China?

I woke up with news telling me that Zhao Wei/Vicky Zhao/赵薇 has been cancelled in China? I can’t believe this is happening. It’s like Fan Bing Bing’s disappearance is occurring again but now with another famous Chinese actress. And it’s not just her, another famous idol Kris Wu (former EXO member) was also boycotted. Didn’t Jack Ma also disappear for three months?

This is freaking scary. What is happening? Is China honestly executing its power to control people’s freedom of expression?

I think the government is scared to have celebrities have so much power over the public’s thoughts as it will diminish their own. It’s too controlling and there’s no more free will. It’s too similar to George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four.

But to remove her names from all their socials and even her accomplishments as a film director is going too far. You’re taking away her recognition, her successes, her works. She built her career up and it has now fallen because of the Chinese government. And for what reason? Hasn’t been publicised yet.

But apparently they were unhappy about the fact she made a Taiwanese actor the protagonist in her directed movie. I get that the relationship between Taiwan and China is tense but that shouldn’t be a cause for this.

I’m so glad Australia is not like China. All of us would’ve been arrested more than once by now.

I believe it is a human right to express whatever we want and the government shouldn’t diminish that. But that is what China is doing and I think they’re under a totalitarian regime at the moment. And it’s scary.

I would shudder if Australia becomes like that but I’m glad to know that it won’t.

But if we think about our right to express, does the mean the anti-vaxxers have the right to protest? Yes, I believe they do but not at the expense of risking innocent lives. That is, their stupid anti-lockdown protests at the CBD which I believe have impacted the rising numbers of those affected with covid.

They do have the right to express their opinions but the manner of them doing so is incorrect. And while they have the right, we also have the right to tell them that they’re wrong. Their “facts” are unfounded and practically illogical.

We should trust the medical experts who are trained to combat these type of viruses even though the world is in a panic. Netflix has this amazing series called ‘Explained’ and in Season 2 there’s an episode called “The Next Pandemic” which was released in 7th Nov 2019, way before Covid-19 surfaced in our lives. This already showcases how they’ve been ready for the next pandemic for years.

They’ve done the research. They know the causes. And they know how to save us. So please, anti-vaxxers, the sooner we are all vaccinated, the sooner we can attain a bit of our normal life again.

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