Sydney Lockdown Day 65

This week is certainly busy though I spent my entire day at home. I had to though as I had to sort out my finances since it’s the end of the month. #adultlife

Sadly, I did spend more this month than last month but looking back, its mainly groceries. I need to stop buying food. But then, it’s the only real reason I can spend money physically outside and feel human. Plus, I do eat all of them in the end.

It’s the veggies that account to so much – why do healthy produce cost so much more than unhealthy snacks? It’s quite silly. I would always have to go back to the grocery store to buy more tomatoes, avocados, fruits, etc. because I can’t bulk buy them or else they’ll go bad.

Anyways, I even bought some kitchen gadgets the other day to make chopping easier. This is the main reason why I dislike cooking as preparing all these veggies is too time consuming and I don’t want to risk cutting myself.

That’s why I’ve been avoiding buying carrots as I hate cutting them up even though I love stir frying them.

For brunch, I made an easy egg omelette using the microwave because my stove top was filled with last night’s dinner which I had again tonight.

I made another jiggae last night with pork belly. I was supposed to have made Shanghainese braised pork but I didn’t have the dark soy sauce so I turned the entire dish to a broth. Worked out well because I was able to put in some of the tofus I bought the other day as well as my fave enoki mushrooms.

Also added some of those Busan fishcakes which was so easy to cook!

It was funny that today’s sunny weather didn’t register in my mind until I was in the shower thinking “damn, I could go for a swim”. Too bad. So sad.

I might go tomorrow as the weather app states it’s completely sunny. It’s going to rain from Sat onwards so I better make the most of the sun while I still can. Might even go for another grocery shopping haul because I do hate travelling in the rain. It makes the day seems harder than it already is.

But I have to say, spending my weekend indoors isn’t overly bad especially with the new part of Money Heist coming out. Plenty of time to finish it.

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