Sydney Lockdown Day 64

Another busy start to my work week as I decided to get started with marking. This took up a lot of time but I have accomplished my major task for the day! It was a sigh of relief knowing that I am closer to a mark-free holiday, but that’s only if I don’t have work piled up on me.

Since then, the school day passed by like a blur and it was time for my daily walk again. I decided to take up a different route and got rewarded with this view.

It was then I realised that it’s been at least a week since I’ve last been to a beach due to the cool weather. I’m hoping that this week’s heat will be quite warm so I can take another dip in the ocean. I walked for a fairly long time as I was chatting with my friend. It helps to pass the time and also another easy way to socialise. We do this quite frequently since the school term started and its like a routine for us to call and walk.

It’s definitely a simple lifestyle I’ve gotten used to as I know it will not be forever. I’m already dreaming about being at my fave malatang place, excitingly placing all those ingredients I know I love into my huge bowl, just waiting to devour it.

But one thing I know, I definitely need a hair cut as I’m growing split ends and in dire need of a trim.

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