Sydney Lockdown Day 63

Compared to yesterday’s buoyant start to my day, I stayed in bed until 10am socialising through my screen instead. I kept on watching mukbangs and started watching this channel on YouTube called EatwithBoki. The way she eats makes me salivate so much that I basically got out of bed in order to feed my own growling stomach.

While my meal was healthy, it was satisfying watching her devour through those cheesy and fried dishes. I’ve realised I’m not the only one who watches mukbangs while eating as my friends does this too haha.

Simple food to fuel my day

It was bit of a busy time period as I was searching for more essential items, in particularly effective creams/cleansers to cure my kp.

I’ve been living with keratosis pilaris since high school and it’s a huge complex of mine. That’s why I hated wearing sleeveless tops/dresses and always shopped for those with sleeves to cover it up. Doctors couldn’t cure it and I honestly gave up until I’ve decided to try again.

I was debating on so many various products and went on a searching spree to determine which one is more cost effective. I decided on CeraVe which has salicylic acid as well as urea. I have tried urea cream but it didn’t work…or maybe I was too impatient. I’m not a good patient for doctors lol.

Hopefully this works because I would love to see results by the end of this year. I also passed by a chinese grocery store and decided to buy some tofu, more mushrooms and oyster sauce!

Whever I stirfry my veggies, I’ve always thought “damn, if only I had oyster sauce”. This store doesn’t stock many options so I bought this brand which is what I recognised and know I wouldn’t be disappointed with.

And it did taste 100% better. What a flavour enhancer!

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