Sydney Lockdown Day 62

I got up super early for another sunrise experience. Though we started in pitch-black, the light beams soon shined down on us. A pity the sun was covered by the clouds but no regrets. Seeing the light rays glistening over the horizon was more than enough to start off the weekend.

Warriewood Beach again but with Louis!

I continued to watch Clickbait and honestly, this series is pretty damning. Every single thing is ‘clickbait’ as the truth is can always be constructed in a skewed way. Wow, this can be a series I can study honestly teach for English for a variety of units. #teacherneverstopsteaching

Clickbait (TV Mini Series 2021) - IMDb

I like how each episode is mainly focused on a different character’s perspective related to the murdered man. And the plot continuously drives forward as each piece of the puzzle gets put together.

While watching this, you won’t believe how outrageous that an innocent man can be instantly wrapped up into a huge scandal to no fault of his own and media can blow it up. We get so many facets of people’s truth that we begin to wonder which is factual and which is not.

I’ve always taught to my students that critical literacy is one of the fundamental skills that we teach in English. It is vital for every single one of us to be critical thinkers, critical listeners and just being a smart citizen in this globalised world.

Who else can decipher the facts if not us?

A character I’m truly annoyed at is this reporter who clearly thinks he’s above the law in order to illegally retrieve information he can get just to climb up the ladder. I hate how he smirks when he sees his own face on screen, not accounting the pain he has caused to those involved. He just wants to be famous. Honestly glad I didn’t have to see his face much after his episode.

The real murderer was at first a shocker but I did guess it due to the lingering shots, making it obvious. Shows how much you have to be careful nowadays but also that family is who you can trust 100%.

Anyways, after watching this, I spent the rest of my evening hanging out with my neighbours, drinking margaritas and even having Polish meal for the first time! The conversations were endless and I thoroughly enjoyed my time there. I’m just glad there’s more people I can socialise with.

It has truly been a very long day as I got up around 4.30am in the morning. I need sleep lol.

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