Sydney Lockdown Day 61

I woke up this morning feeling quite content because I thought I would have time to go to The Beaches Market before school started. I was excited thinking about getting fresh avocados and strawberries as well as other produce but…

by the time I got out of bed and brushed my teeth, little did I know the inner teacher in me decided to check my email and respond to all of them before school started.

I am too much of a responsible teacher.

Then I had classes to attend straight at 9am which meant no market for me today. It’s a pity because I would love to go after school but they close at 12.30pm. Too early!

Perhaps this adventure might be better suited for next Friday because I am loving this yellow on yellow outfit I have put on today. Usually I wouldn’t wear a similar shade of colour for my top and bottom, but it’s truly popping.

I did manage to finish Why Women Kill today though I thought season 2 would be on SBS On Demand. I guess I would have to go on a prowl to see where I can watch it. But then again, am I bothered because there’s no original characters there and the premise would probably be similar: affairs, unhappy marriage, abuse, etc.

Why can’t they realise Money Heist Part 5 earlier? It’s unfair that I have to wait this long especially since lockdown is going to continue well past my birthday, my holidays and the start of Term 4.

Anyways, went for a much needed walk though I was scared it was going to rain after an hour into my walk. I was kicking myself thinking that I should’ve brought a jacket because then I could’ve shielded myself from the rain.

I’m glad it didn’t pour and only drizzled slightly. Would’ve sucked if I had to walk in the cold rain because I didn’t want to get sick.

Cloudy skies freaked me out

I came home and immediately poured myself a refreshing cocktail – pretty easy and very satisfying. A good appertif while watching Clickbait. A very interesting thriller which was actually filmed in Melbourne!

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