Sydney Lockdown Day 60

I started watching Why Women Kill since I’ve created an account with SBS On Demand and I’m astounded by how many shows they have on their platform for free! Albeit there’s ads which reminds me of watching TV again but I like how we can get easy access to these shows. Perfect discovery during lockdown!

I love how they interweaved three similar stories from different time periods as you get multiple perspectives. And the craziest thing is that this all occurs under the same roof. Honestly wicked.

I’m already up to the fifth episode so I’m halfway through the first season. I think I might finish the second season just in time to binge on the new part of Money Heist – can never stop thinking about this because I am in love with it.

Today’s workday got a bit busy as I spent the better part of my day responding to endless emails and comments. We also had a meeting today which went till after school so I had to start my walk late.

Didn’t mind though as the sun was still shining brightly. I’m glad to see the glorious rays and even got to see one of my student!

I love how they all recognise me and it takes me a while to recognise them because they’re not in their school uniform.

It’s sweet knowing that they appreciate you and love our English classes, albeit online. Gives me a boost of confidence knowing that I’m doing a great job for my students.

I also decided to treat myself to an iced coffee. I thought they got my order wrong when it came to me in this cup but it was definitely iced.

It was also a nice day to have a good catch up with one of my colleagues, face-face, as it has been so long since I’ve seen her, start of lockdown actually. A nice alternative from face-timing as I’ve been facing my screen for so long.

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