Sydney Lockdown Day 59

One more day before we hit two months of lockdown here in Sydney. The cases has skyrocketed to over 900 today and I have no words. Clearly there are lots of rule breakers here in Sydney and why am I not surprised?

Was honestly hoping that with the tightened restrictions, I could be one step closer to eating KBBQ with friends. Watching all these mukbangs is not helping with my envy towards their freedom to go out and eat freely. Tzuyang’s recent mukbang about her eating gopchang which is small intestines had me jealous. I miss it so much and the last time I ate it was early this year, exactly 33 weeks ago according to my insta story.

Bottom left: BBQ + mustard sauce with my cheesy hotdog

Because of this craving I decided I needed to make an Asian meal for tonight’s dinner and what better way than to have a spicy stew to warm up. It was cold and overly overcast. I didn’t even bother to walk on the sand because I didn’t even want to take my shoes off. I saw some daring people swimming off in the distance and they’re brave to brace the icy waters. Even the wind was cold.

Since finishing The Devil Judge last night, I was in search of a new drama to seek my teeth into. I did try watching Outer Banks (highly recommended by various friends) but wasn’t into it. The first ep bored me to death and I didn’t want to try out for the 2nd. Bodyguard was quite dry though I thought it would’ve been a bit more of a thrill.

Police University-p1.jpg

I need a similar thrill to Money Heist and am so impatient for the next part to come out.

I did start watching Police University which stars Cha Tae-Hyun (The Producers, My Sassy Girl), Jin Young from B1A4 (Love in the Moonlight), Krystal (The Heirs, The Bride of Habaek, Prison Playbook) and more.

I do like the casting and the setting for this drama as this is the first time I’ve seen a drama based on a college specifically for policemen.

It’s quite refreshing to watch and is quite comedic as well. Anything to do with Cha Tae-Hyun will be sure to end with laughs.

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