Sydney Lockdown Day 58

Eggs are seriously a godsend as you can do so much with it and its pack with protein. I used to love having it hardboiled with kimchi but today, I mashed it with mushrooms, spinach boiled cauliflower and kewpie mayo. It was quite filling and I could’ve applied it over my corn thins or even to fill up my croissant. Wholesome start to my day as it had gotten quite busy.

My inbox was flooded with emails and its not fun when you have two for work. I honestly always try my best to respond to all emails in a timely manner which is why I didn’t even have time to mark assessments yet. I initially wanted to get a head start on it today but in the end I couldn’t. I would honestly like a day off school just to concentrate on marking if I can – that’s how desperate I am and how little time teachers get.

Some would ask Why not mark them after school? Well that’s my personal time and if I bring work into my personal time, that’s not a work-life balance. It’s a trap, especially for new teachers, that we can easily fall into. WFH doesn’t make it easier. And that’s why I maintained that my kitchen is my workspace and afterwards I shift to my living room which is my out-of-work space. Having these distinct spaces makes it easier for me to balance these two lives and also allow me to work on my mental health. People can’t be expected to work well into their personal time, it’s not right.

That’s how you can get sick easily. Also, depression and anxiety. My friend posted this image on his insta story the other day about anxiety and what it might look like.

Insta Credit: @Positivelypresent

It’s surprising to find that stomach aches is a symptom of anxiety as well as irritability and desire to escape reality. I can say that I have experienced many of these feelings before and we’ve considered it to be normal. I don’t think it should be normalised and swept under the rug. We need to normalise and learn how to speak about it in a healthy manner. This is how we can improve our mental health and overall wellbeing, especially since we’re stuck indoors (in Greater Sydney at least).

But of course, being indecisive about foods on the menu is not considered anxiety because I always want to eat more but know I can’t. And you know that saying “never waste food” – that is what I’ve lived by since growing up in my household.

I know I have overindulged the past two days but that’s mainly because of hormonal changes which sucks as a female. I’m sure there has already been numerous debates about why females are the only ones stuck with menstruation cycles and have to be the biological one to go through labour. It takes a huge toll on our minds and bodies.

I had simple meals for the rest of my day just to help simplify my mind. I guess the rain also contributed to myself feeling a bit anxious so I just used the lettuce I bought yesterday to make wraps.

It was a quick, easy and healthy meal as I used yesterday’s bolognese and ricotta for lunch, and meatballs for dinner.

I also tried these cute mochi coconut milk-based ice cream as recommended by my friend. I think I’ll have one per day and today I tried strawberry which was fab.

Not a bad way to end my day with a satisfying dessert.

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