Sydney Lockdown Day 57

My face never looked happier when the fresh droplets of rain came pouring down. This means that my car is getting a free car wash! It’s going to continue raining until Thursday I think so hopefully my car can be squeaky clean. I should perhaps consider adding some soap but that might be a bit overdramatic. I don’t want to risk my health just to get a cleaner car.

But sadly it means I won’t be able to go out for walks. Actually am I sad about it? Not really. With the mood I’m currently in, I prefer to stay at home and work out. I was going to work out during my lunch time break but got a notification that my click & collect order from Kmart was ready to be picked up. They process it in less than a day and I’m quite thankful for it. It was a quick and easy process though I do miss browsing the items in person. One of the items I bought were some measuring cups which were quite good quality. It’s quite chic and stylish though I don’t like how the leather strap can’t be unbuttoned. I do have the option to cut it off but I don’t really want to mess up the style of holding it altogether.

Getting out of the house for Kmart also meant I could do another cheeky grocery shop at both Coles and Woollies since they’re all located in the same area. I got plenty of fresh veggies and fruits, as well as the mochi desserts I’ve been recommended by my friends. I didn’t realise the box was so small but I got the variety which comes in six different flavours: chocolate, green tea, mango, strawberry and vanilla. All for $3.5 since it’s currently half price so 58c per mochi?

I wish the local grocery shops would stock more Asian food products because I don’t have much free time to travel all the way to Dee Why for my Asian haul. I guess it’s the clientele here but it’s just inconvenient. The traffic and limited parking at Dee Why frustrates me.

Speaking about frustrations…this rude, rude, rude lady I encountered in the parking lot was just rude. Not verbally, but just her actions. My trolley wasn’t even touching her car yet she had the audacity to move it from the side of my car to behind? I thought the trolley was blocking her way to the car so I said “Sorry” but realised she was just full of herself. I guess she was afraid I might’ve scratched her car with the trolley but lady, there’s space. It wasn’t even touching it in the first place. Her overall persona was just rude and I can’t believe I even apologised. She just gave me a look and didn’t say anything. I’m too fucking nice to strangers. I know I’m not overthinking this because the look on her face was of exasperation. Did I just experience a snobbish person or a racist person?


Anyways, I got back home and immediately went straight to work. I was reminded about the marking I’ve been putting off since last week. Today another class set has jumped onto my marking pile and there will be another one this Wednesday and one more this Friday. I honestly want to get all these marking done before the holidays like last term even though we’ll be in lockdown.

BUT, it means that I don’t even need to spend two weeks worrying about marks. The question is…when will I get started? Perhaps after I sort out the lessons for my seniors since I’m in charge of creating all the work for them.

Simple bolognese pasta with parmesan

One of my most simple pleasures is making simple food like this one ^

I thought about making bolognese meatballs with pasta but decided to save the meatballs for another Mexican dinner. I truly enjoyed it with the dip and now that I have bought lettuce, I can use it as a taco wrap.

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