Sydney Lockdown Day 56

I woke up thinking I can go for another sunrise walk but it was too late. The sun was already shining brightly and hitting my eyes. But then I considered perhaps its not too late to walk around the late before brunch. But when I checked the time, it was already nearing 10am. Oopsie.

But I did try. After breakfast. But came back home 20mins later. The sun was too hot and I wasn’t in a good mood for it. In the end, I just stayed chatting with my neighbour which went on for longer than my walk. Productive? Yeah, I would consider so. At least I got around 3000 steps in. Can just work out at home instead where there’s fans and aircon.

I’m already impatient for Money Heist Part 5 as I finished it this morning but glad The Chair came out so I can go on another binge adventure.

Sweet treat during intermission period

Sandra Oh is one of my fave actresses and this show is breaking boundaries. I love how it’s based around English Lit since it’s one of my passions. I wonder why we call it English here in Australia as we’re not teaching a language nor the linguistics of it. We’re teaching literature. It should be called Literature or English Lit instead.

And her words “Teaching is not a past-time, it is a profession”. That’s so true because we are not baby sitters, we’re educators.

Some people just need to get that into their thick head as I’m still seeing senseless comments on Facebook about this. And they’re often anti-vaxxers…makes sense.

Anyways, I was keen to try out these noodles since I’ve first laid eyes on them online. Needless to say, I should’ve followed the instructions.

I didn’t realised I should’ve soaked them in cold water before adding them to boiling water. I went straight to the second step.

It all became clumpy 😦 Not the texture I wanted. But I still have four more servings to get it right. And can you believe it? One serving (200g) is 550 calories! Too scary.

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