Sydney Lockdown Day 55

I’m already up to Part 4 of Money Heist. Definitely going to be able to be ready for the next release in a few weeks. This drama is super addicting and I’m so empathetic to the reasons as to why they’re doing this. Technically they’re not stealing but using the bank’s resources to make more money. But of course, not everyone would like that.

Watching this paints the policemen’s and the authorities in a bad light. I hate it when they play dirty and even fake information just to paint the defenceless in a bad light. Far out.

Plus, with the weather not being very promising, I didn’t bother to go out and cool down my anger. In a way, I like that I had a reason to binge this series but it would’ve been nice to have a break to rant out my frustrations lol.

I did do it in the end through pilates which works.

It is so relaxing to lay down on this couch as I feel like I only have time to do so during the weekends. Peacefully watching the sun setting brings tranquility to this atmosphere as well.

I find that whenever I binge a series I don’t get too hungry. I guess all my time goes towards concentrating on this thrilling show. But I needed to eat and didn’t want to be hungry at a later time.

So I decided to make something easy – green curry. I’ve had this curry kit sitting in my pantry for a while now and needed to cook those cup mushrooms as they’re starting to brown.

Would I buy this kit again? Nah not really. I think it’s catered to the Westerner’s taste buds as there’s no spicy kick to it at all. Disappointed with that but glad I didn’t buy it with high expectations.

As long as my chicken has some sauce on it, I’m happy.

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