Sydney Lockdown Day 54

It’s Friday, the sun is out and my Korean haul arrived! I decided to be naughty and have the waffle I bought yesterday. I evened it out with strawberries and kiwis even though I added ice cream. Takes me back to my childhood when I would get spoilt and get to have ice cream for breakfast. Nostalgic weekend pleasures.

My Year 11s even told me “Ms, that’s not healthy.” and my retort “I don’t care. It’s a Friday.” Oh they’ve grown on me so much – I love it when they’re so cheeky and have personality. It brings life to the classroom even though we can’t see each other’s faces.

Another thing that surprised me was the Korean rice cake dessert. I’m not an avid fan of red bean, and the only time I was able to eat it was in Japan for their famous mochi at Kyoto. So when I munched into this one, my eyebrows raised automatically. I like it!

The bean powder made it a bit messy but idk. It’s all for me! Another thing I like about this besides the chewiness was that it wasn’t sweet. Compared to my overly sweet breakfast this morning, this was a welcome snack.

The school day passed by swiftly with a lot of announcements. Some surprising ones and one that didn’t surprise me one bit, that is, extended lockdown.

Greater Sydney’s lockdown has already been extended once and it has been extended again. Who was even surprised? Case numbers show no symptoms of slowing down and now they’ve mandated masks outdoors for everyone.

I’m honestly glad I don’t live in any of those LGAs of concern because then I wouldn’t have the luxury to shop physically for groceries. I like to see my products and hand-pick my fruits, rather than have someone else choose the wrong batch.

I’m still surprised that there’s traffic along Pittwater Rd because I thought many of us would be WFH. It’s busy during after-school hours so I wonder why they’re on the road.

That’s why I like to do my shopping during my lunch breaks to avoid the crowds as weekend also gets crowded.

The beach however stretches over a few kms so there won’t be chances for any huddlings. It was a bit windy but I didn’t feel cold.

I was only wearing my sports bra and leggings, and still managed to produce a lot of sweat from this session.

I managed to complete my session earlier than expected as I was hungry. I was debating about making naengmyeon since the noodles got here today or make some type of jiggae with the fishcakes. I decided to go with the latter because it was getting cold and added a lot of vegetables as well as my favourite mandu. These are huge dumplings and quite filling especially after adding some tteokbokki in there. A very wholesome meal to reward myself after a long day while watching Hospital Playlist.

I don’t know how people can say the second season is boring. What more do you want? It’s wholesome seeing how five friends have such a tight relationship to form a music band (for their own enjoyment) and still work together as professionals. It honestly reminds me of when I used to work with my friends at the same school. We would meet up in the same staffroom and even go out after school to hang out.

Those were the times. Hang outs and just getting into crazy antics when we’re with friends.

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