Sydney Lockdown Day 53

Can’t believe we’re already closer to Friday then Monday! I don’t even remember what I did on Monday. How did it become Thursday already? Life is going to by while we’re in lockdown. I hope we don’t reach triple digits for “Lockdown Day …”, that’ll be sad.

This morning I made another toasted cheese croissant but realised I finished all my tomatoes last night 😦 Looks like I do need to go to the shops later today as my shopping list is quite long. Anything I finish or have cravings about, I just pop them on a list so that I can do a bulk grocery shopping day – aren’t I a model citizen?

While eating my breakfast, I always watch a mukbang. For some reason, it makes what you’re eating tastier? I’m an avid follower of Tzuyang and she releases a video every few days I think. Watching all these mukbangs from other you tubers as well also motivate me to cook. To my surprise, I’ve been cooking a wide variety of dishes since I’ve moved out and I just finished making mashed cauliflower! It looks good though I’m scared I might’ve overcooked the cauliflower because I forgot I left it boiling on the stove while marking work.

It can be tough to multitask effectively when my mind is all over the place. It doesn’t help that I have a lot of tabs opened up. I’m just glad Chrome has the function where we can add different accounts so I have one for work and one for me. Easy to move across to different desktops too so my screen doesn’t get over-cluttered.

I’m just thankful my meatballs survived. I was honestly anxious it might’ve been undercooked because I made them quite big and I couldn’t adjust the timer because I felt rude to leave a meeting. Luckily it came out perfect.

I experimented a bit with the different flavours and even just made one without any seasoning at all. Still tastes perfect, but definitely better with BBQ sauce.

I had a wholesome dinner with it as I made a deconstructed taco but with corn thins. Would consider having it again tomorrow night but my Korean food will arrive then! Oh! To be blessed with so many good choices 🙂

Isn’t the weather so beautiful today?

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