Sydney Lockdown Day 52

HUMP DAY has arrived again. Last night I went a bit crazy with online shopping. Instead of purchasing new outfits, I purchased more food from this korean store which sells a range of food. This is perfect for me and the shipping ranges from $5-7 depending on what area you’re located in. Not too bad especially since I won’t be able to get any of these products in my LGA. It was a nice surprise that they give you $10 discount when you register from them so I think I got a nice bargain. They even sell freshly made bakery goods, cakes and Korean rice desserts.

It comes on Friday so I’m “patiently” waiting for that day to come. I even got fishcakes to add to my tteokbokki. I’m definitely going all out this weekend. I already had that cheesy hot dog as a snack while marking. Such a satisfying snack to keep me going. But, wasn’t too much of a fan of the sausage. Maybe I should make my own?

Morning meal + snack

The cheese though was stretchy! I like the crunch and all of this was made in my air fryer. Can’t live without it now.

Having this snack made me think of the other snacks I’ve been consuming the past few days including opening a brand new tub of ice-cream and even another moscato – yes, I consider alcohol as snacks now. I wonder if it’s because the time of my month is soon approaching because I’ve been feeling peckish quite frequently lately. It makes sense though. Haven’t gotten lazier yet as I’m still getting some form of exercise done every single day.

Plus, I’ve survived another marathon and this time it was the entire The Hunger Games series. Makes sense since I’m studying the first book with my Year 9s. Watching the last movie has made me realise how scary humanity can be. It’s always cats and dogs. Fighting enemies and creating new ones. Hate vs hate does not lead to a prosperous world.

Just take a look at what’s happening in our world today. We have the hugely publicised Taliban taking over Afghanistan now, disputes in various countries even here in NSW. I’m over the hate Gladys is receiving from Australians because while yes, she should’ve made the call to lock down earlier, it’s already in the past. Why do we keep on bring back the past if it’s not going to help us in the future? Yes, we can learn from it but we just need to stop the blame game. It’s not going to make Covid go away.

What we can do now as Australians is to just be mature and stay home to save lives. Think about the doctors, nurses, paramedics, policemen and other essential workers who still have to risk their lives at the frontline. I’m glad I’m not in their position and I’m lucky to be staying at home where I’m safe in this bubble.

Apparently there’s going to be another lockdown protest happening this weekend and it’s led by these selfish, self-entitled, ignorant bastards. I’m shocked cases have been escalating and today it reached over 600 community transmissions. It’s outrageous and clearly people are still being selfish, self-entitled and ignorant.

I’m doing my part as a human being by staying home as often as I can. I don’t even go out to walk every single day just for this reason. If I’m craving snacks, I don’t go out. Clearly it’s because it’s not essential. I’m not going to die if I don’t have these snacks.

It’s such a simple responsibility for us to take yet some obviously can’t handle it. It’s disappointing knowing that your hard work is going down the drain.

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