Sydney Lockdown Day 51

It was a frustrating start to my morning as I was bombarded with stupid messages which were already answered.

There was one who asked to find something but wouldn’t even click on the link I provided.

I ranted to my friends who told me to “dumb it down further”. But how can I? It’s the freaking link?!

Frustrations aside, I started playing banging 90s RnB music and instantly my mood turned a 180. It’s the perfect playlist for a joyful car ride within my LGA. I truly hope the lockdown can be lifted asap so I can get my car washed because the wind has made it dusty 😦

I thought they wouldn’t be closed during this time because it is a isolating activity. Covid will be washed away right? Guess the government is not taking any chances.

Anyways, I went out with the purpose of coming back home with ingredients to make my shaved iced dessert. And I did! I was ecstatic to see that this Korean grocer stocked those ingredients though I wished I brought the ice shaver from home.

I also managed to buy these cheesy hot dogs because I’ve been thinking about it for a few weeks and these naengmyeon.

Since I don’t have any local Korean restaurants, these are the next best thing.

I also wanted to buy some Korean snacks but this store was quite small and didn’t have any of the ones I wanted 😦

But I managed to buy more of my fave enoki mushrooms as well as other necessary ingredients to make more jiggaes in the future.

I was quite tired after my little ‘adventure’ so I took a short nap as soon as I got back home. By the time I got up, it was around 8pm and my stomach was already complaining. Instead of making that hotdog, I made fried chicken instead because it has been in my fridge for a few days and I’m scared it might go bad if I don’t cook it soon enough. To go with this, I made naengmyeon. However, I forgot to buy the freaking noodles and mustard. I honestly thought the noodles would be in the bag but it’s only the broth.

Guess I would having another adventure in a few days to get the potato noodles. Luckily I have somen noodles which is still alright. The hardboiled egg definitely changes the game, though I know mustard would’ve thrown it all out of the park.

Nevertheless, a very VERY satisfying dinner.

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