Sydney Lockdown Day 50

So the big five-oh. And it happens to fall on a Monday. The start of another busy week in which I’m glad my Year 10s were so quiet. They didn’t even ask me about when I can get their marks back. Are they already empathetic to teachers? I like this.

Even though they were quiet, my other classes were still needy. I didn’t mind those who would ask politely and I found myself working through the hours without taking a break. Even though my eyes were sore and was begging for reprieve, I powered on.

The weather was honestly nice for another dip in the ocean which I saw a lot of people doing today. Can’t blame them because the waves weren’t so active after school. I truly wished then that I was wearing my swimmers instead of my activewear. I did have a nice surprise though when I saw one of my students after school. I wouldn’t have noticed her if she didn’t say hi. It was nice to see another friendly face on one of my walks.

I came back quite thirsty and instead of reaching out to my chilled lemon water, I reached for my moscato instead. I’ve been so good at not opening these bottles since I’ve bought them last week because I’ve been watching my calories intake.

But, today I didn’t care.

I needed something sweet, refreshing and alcoholic to reward myself for abstaining for so long. Actually, I did drink last night but it was a red.

Completely different.

I was talking to one of my friends about a refreshing dessert and one I truly miss (which I can’t get here) is shaved ice 刨冰. I would used to get it from Eastwood once every two weeks or so after malatang or kbbq, but now I consider it a rare delicacy. I’m thinking about whether I should go to my local Korean grocer and buy these ingredients. The weather this week is so perfect for it and it would be a shame to waste it haha.

Anyways, I started reading a novel recommended by my past student who emailed me during the weekend. I honestly love receiving updates from previous students as it is special to know that you’ve made an impact on their lives. She recommended a novel Notes from the Underground which has intrigued me from the reading of its blurb. The fact that it is a dramatic monologue from an anti-hero sold it for me. I was having this conversation the other day with my friend, who’s also an English teacher, about anti-heroes and how we wish to study them more in our curriculum.

As English teachers, we’re not focused on grammar nor literacy, but more so the literature side of things. That’s why I get a bit annoyed when people come to me with the misconception that all we do is spelling or read books. I have never read through an entire novel with my class as of yet. I couldn’t. Their attention span was so short that I had to pick out key scenes and explain it.

Completely different to my students from my previous school. I wonder if its because all the work they do is online. Their spelling aggravates me even though they have spellcheck. Technology doesn’t necessarily help all of us in a good way, though it is very convenient.

Anyways, back to anti-heroes, they’re such fascinating characters to explore. Take a look at Maleficent. She wasn’t always a villain. She was a victim. But because she had powers, she was a woman and she was courageous enough to avenge herself, she was labelled one. I was glad when Disney told her story as she gained more empathetic followers.

I believe there’s always a reason behind one’s actions and that’s why there’s always two side to every story. Life isn’t always rosy. There will be thorns placed there in hopes for their downfall but it depends on how deep they accidentally fall or want to fall.

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