Sydney Lockdown Day 49

I don’t set alarms during the weekend hut somehow I woke up before 6am. I was pondering on why I would wake up so early considering I went to bed quite late watching Blade. Oh how I miss watching 90s vampire films – such nostalgia is hard to come by. I jest. I’ve been reminiscing the 90s a lot recently. Is this a clear sign I’m getting old? Anyways, I was wasting time thinking and thinking … and thinking until I thought about seeing the sunrise since I haven’t seen one in ages.

I checked the weather app and it said that the sunrise was gonna occur at 6:33 am so I was like oh why not go out and see this magnificent natural and enjoy the moment.

It was still hazy outside because of the back burning but that didn’t deter me from going out and luckily I have this mask I can wear while exercising that are like the ones people wear for motorcycles (I don’t even ride lol) so I didn’t have to wear those ugly blue ones. Easy to slide up and slide down.

Instead of heading direct towards Mona Vale beach which was my original destination, I went off-track and headed to Warriewood Beach instead. I didn’t mind it because I’ve never came to this beach even though it’s one of my closest ones. There was a seaside cafe called Sunrise Cafe which is well-named because you can literally see the sunrise from the entrance. So I have this beautiful view while sipping my coffee and just relax at the beach watching people surfing and taking baby-moon photos. It was totally surreal.

Back home, I was bursting with energy that I did my laundry and went grocery shopping. I love how naturally curly my hair has become after my shower and I’ve received so many compliments on them. I’m actually pondering about cutting it short, just a long bob, once the salons open up again. Would be a cute style that would suit spring. But I guess I might have months to wait at this rate.

My friends were jesting how people who think about cutting their hair shorter are the ones who are getting old. EEEK. And it didn’t help that I left my house early for a walk for the sunrise. I wonder what life will have in store for me when I turn 30. I can’t believe I’m already thinking about this number.

Coming home from the grocery shopping has been quite relaxing as I just played games, binged on Netflix and had a surprising phone call from an unexpected person but also nice to know that they’ve been thinking about me. It was a good catch-up. Dinner was simple today and I decided to use the spice mix I bought from Woollies the other day which was this Tikka Masala. I never had Tikka Masala before so I was intrigued to try it with the lamb shanks I bought today.

I cooked the lamb shanks for nearly two hours which was recommended by Google and it came out smothering hot. What I love about this type of meat is the bone marrow that is packed with the juicy curry spices. I don’t think it looks too appetising in the photo captured below but it tastes great. Plus, I paired with potato jams as I was going to cut-up my cauliflower to make rice, but was too lazy for it.

Lamb Shanks with potato jewels

And the drama I watched to pair up with this meal was the latest episode to The Devil Judge. I never thought I could ever tear up while watching this but I did towards the end of ep 13. There’s this female character whom I hate to the core because she can so blatantly commit murder. So many innocent civilians were harmed in this drama and I truly bear hatred for the antagonists (there’s more than one sadly).

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