Sydney Lockdown Day 47

I feel like every time I look at a spot in my house, I’m like discovering something new when it has been there for the past six months. It has actually been at least 6 months since I’ve moved out. It’s quite surreal that I’ve survived by myself for such a long time but why am I surprised?

I guess it’s because my parents have always been so protective and while I was fortunate to reside in their little bubble, I’m also grateful that I could expand my horizons and become more independent. Like I have been paying my own bills for a few years as I did pay rent to my parents, and they didn’t give me a curfew, in fact I never had a curfew. But to live away from them and not have them scrutinise my choices has been so refreshing.

I love them, but I like living away from them haha.

Quite a stark scene of the peaceful lake yet the raging smoke in the background – mirrors me atm lol

Currently I’m waiting for my lamb rank to cook in the oven as I’m typing this to reflect on my day (and having a few ‘sips’ of my vodka cranberry – this gets quite wild). And what a day it has been! I’ve felt all kinds of emotions starting from the high when my past student from my previous school EMAILED me personally to say ‘thank you’ for pushing her to do well in English because now she has received an early offer to uni. I couldn’t help but share this story to my instagram because it is such a proud moment when I’m being appreciated for doing something I’m passionate about. I love teaching but it is when people undermine my job that gets me. Love doesn’t sustain you for very long, it is recognition and respect that helps you through the journey as well.

But when I had my Year 7 student who had the audacity to email me (with a lot of spelling errors) stating how I didn’t help her? Honey, if you checked your work and emails you would realise why I had reason to send them back to you. I’ve explained (passive aggressively as stated by my friend) that you didn’t do the work and that’s why I sent them back so that you can do the work. I’ve even spent my time to find all those links to the videos and resources I’ve posted online so that YOU don’t even have to lift a damn finger but to click on those damn links. Can’t they read? I’ve literally explained it step by step and guess what, she didn’t dare to reply because she can’t. I have all the evidence backing me up.

But that’s just Year 7 so I won’t let it get under my skin. What excites me though is that every single Year 10 student submitted their assignment on time! WOOHOO! It’s a proud teacher moment and today I got them to do a fairly easy research task which made me learn more about them. I have some who love SuperWog, some who love rappers and those who are such feminists – love them!

I love being a teacher and honestly, it’s not all just 9am-3pm. We work longer than that but as an experienced one, I can say that I’m working towards getting a good work-life balance so I’m not spending all my free “non-working/unpaid” time lesson planning. To do that, I made sure I got out of my house, even during this lockdown period.

I was struck with this view of the firefighters doing some back burning. It looks quite pretty even though we’re doing this to the trees. But it is to prepare for the summer which I presume will get quite hot seeing that it has already hit the 20s this week (autumn season).

Oh! My lamb rank has just finished cooking in the oven. I honestly eye-balled everything as recipes online said it could take hours to cook but I think I put the timer on for 40 mins? It seems cooked so if I’m still alive tomorrow to type up another daily post, then it was perfectly fine.

Sneaky shot of my lamb resting in the oven

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