Sydney Lockdown Day 46

Honestly nothing much happened today. It was a few degrees colder than yesterday so I didn’t bother to head to the beach for another dip.

I think it’s also because I’m quite over school atm because it’s just work work work. While I was to reward my students, I also need to be rewarded too. In fact all teachers need to be recognised!

The government has no respect for us as they change the policies regarding the Year 12 Trials so often, expecting us to be very accomodating. There was no consultation with the ones involved. It was just them. Them who probably haven’t sat inside a classroom for at least a few few decades!

And they still have the audacity to to postpone some of my colleague’s vaccination date. Aren’t we essential? If so, then why postpone it? Or worst, cancel it?

Isn’t this saying that you think we’re not a priority? We’re only a priority in your eyes when you can’t stand to be in the same house with your kids.

I’m just frustrated with how the government is handling this. We are also humans facing immense pressure and anxiety.

This is already Day 46 of lockdown, our second state lockdown, and they still haven’t learnt to open their ears and listen to us.

My school in particularly had to alter the trial exam papers, examination venue and policies as it’s now being moved online. I know other schools are also doing online trials and even some who have just cancelled this exam entirely because there’s just too much happening and not enough notice.

They just have to stop undermining us. Period.

Who would want a government who doesn’t care about its people? No one.

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