Sydney Lockdown Day 44

I woke up in quite a rush which was unlike my other mornings. That’s only because I had a 9am faculty meeting 😴

It was quick which is what I like because we made some decisions especially with the upcoming online trials for HSC students. I honestly feel for them because there’s been so many changes and they don’t need this added stress as Yr 12 is stressful enough.

I was glad to be invited into my previous HSC class’ zoom session today and (if you’re reading this which I know you are) I truly miss you all!

It was nice to hear your voices again and catch up on how you’ve been doing. I wish you all the best and I wonder when I can gate-crash again hehe.

It ended on a good high and left me in a very joyous mood for the rest of my day.

Week 5 let’s go!!!

Back to my current school, I think we have accepted that this entire term will be remote learning. I think the entire school basically accepted this ‘unofficial’ fact and I definitely want to reward my classes with something fun as soon as they submit their assignments. It sucks to always do work behind a screen but unfortunately, as teachers, it is our responsibility you still meet the outcomes necessary so you’re still moving forward while learning at home. My Year 10s even suggested kahoot in today’s lesson so I’m thinking about holding a competition in which I’ll win haha.

They all know I’m competitive.

I have an inkling this week is going to flow by very quickly. Though there will be essays to mark so I’m not truly looking forward to that. I like writing them, but marking them kinds of turns me off … except if they’re exceptional.

But the sky was blue and it wasn’t too cloudy today though the sun can be considered to be quite warm. I tried running to break up my walking regime and ended up sweating profusely – it was too hot. I miss the gyms where there’s aircon. I miss climbing. Sighhhs. I’m lucky though because I have the beach and the salty breeze tries to cool your down; it definitely loosens up all your worries and blows away your stress.

If only the cafe was still open, would’ve liked another iced coffee.

I have to say, it seems like Spring might be approaching very quickly 🙂

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