Sydney Lockdown Day 43

I woke up thinking I was in a coma for weeks for some reason. My colleague brought up it was our 7th week of lockdown (for Sydney) and I thought she meant we are in our 7th week of term. Definitely frightened me because I thought I got the dates for my classes mixed up, especially with their upcoming assessment tasks.

I definitely did not need any extra stress on my mind. I’ve already vacuumed the entire house which somehow got quite dusty. I think its because I left the windows open when it has been super windy for the past few days. Couldn’t help it because I like the fresh air and it’ll become too musty if I don’t.

I stayed in the living room the entire day while working as I wanted to keep my mac connected to the TV. Thank goodness I have this HDMI cord to extend my screen so I could watch some dramas during my break. Plus, the TV’s speaker is nice and loud to play my soul music. These students are lucky I’m marking and providing feedback while I’m in this mood because I feel like I become a nicer person lol.

Monday’s just passed by swiftly as there were no meetings and my classes were quite chill. Hope this can continue for the rest of the week but I doubt so as their assessments are approaching…very quickly.

But watching the final episode of Love ft. Marriage and Divorce was quite frustrating because this season ended on a cliffhanger! Did all the couples get switched up? How? I can’t believe they haven’t been renewed for the third season yet because this drama is immensely popular! I hope it will get renewed because they definitely can’t end this series like this. It’s blasphemous!

I cooled my mind down at the beach after work. I’m honestly lucky to live within 10km of beaches in which I can consider them my essential since I can exercise there.

The weather was lovely as well and I envied the young girls who took a quick dip in the waters. I should’ve brought my swimmers because it’s been so long!

Perhaps next time.

But from the beach, I got to do my next fave activity – shopping! I guess it’s also other people’s favourite since the queues were super long.

Gave me an excuse to get my steps up as I roamed another round the store day dreaming about what else I can make in my kitchen.

In the end I used the curry leftover paste from the other day to stirfry my veggies and cauliflower. This was quite filling and for protein, I air fried some chicken drumsticks. Could only have 1 and didn’t even finish this pan of curry.

I’m freaking good. Or perhaps I also filled up my stomach with alcohol? 🤔

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