Sydney Lockdown Day 42

I was so pumped up for my jog this morning when I woke up. I even did my laundry and had it set to finish within 2 hours, just in time till when I can go back. However, after I left my house I noticed the clouds were darker than usual. If only I checked the weather before I got all worked up. At least I managed to jog for around 10mins before the rain came pouring down.

I tried. At least I can still dry my laundry indoors, though I was really hopeful for that sun. Lesson learnt. Check the weather even if you’re in lockdown.

Since its Sunday, lots of new episodes from my drama list came out so I was busy watching it. The latest ep of Love ft Marriage and Divorce made me squeal in delight as karma is hitting the adulterers hard! It’s so lovely to watch though I fear there may be more coming next week, not that I’m complaining. It’s more interesting than my life these days.

I even made Budae Jjigae and it was the perfect meal to satisfy my cravings. The mukbangs I’ve been watching over the past week have only intensified my appetite for more Korean meals and it didn’t help that they’ve been cropping up all over social media feed. Can phones already read our mines? Or perhaps I just talk about too much verbally over the phone with my friends?

Contrary to this morning’s plan being ruined by the weather, I was quite productive. I marked and marked and marked. I even read. Multitasking is such a niche skill as I can save my time to complete more things simultaneously. Just like how I can watch dramas and cook at the same time.

I like that I have a bit more time to include reading into my daily activities. Would love to read every single novel I’ve purchased as I just buy them, with the intent of reading them, but then somehow I’m struggling to find the time to do so. Like we have twenty-four hours in a day, but then we have sleeping, eating, resting, … I didn’t even get to paint this weekend. Creative outlet ftw.

Anyways, I have my dad’s birthday coming up and unfortunately, the present I got for him won’t arrive until next Friday (as estimated). I feel bad because I would’ve liked for it to arrive asap but can’t help it with the restrictions. I wonder if I can make a sneaky getaway. Nah, can’t risk it. Will have to wish him a Happy Birthday over video call. It’s one of the lows in this situation but we all need to do this to get out of it safely.

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