Sydney Lockdown Day 41

Sleep is honestly the best remedy to a long and tired day. I felt refreshed when I woke up, but was not in the mood for a hike as I thought I would’ve done.

In fact, I stayed in bed and started a new series called Last Madame 最后的夫人. I was only halfway through this season this morning and I’ve been instantly captivated by the secrets and mysteries surrounding this Last Madame, who is the head of a very successful brothel.

Last Madame (TV Series 2019) - IMDb

While people always assume that she is cold-hearted and bloodthirsty for her job, I’ve come to understand how she became who she is and admire her for it.

She is an independent, powerful and can be considered a successful businesswoman. It was hard for women back in the 1930s to even have their own business, yet be as successful as her, especially in a conservative country like Singapore.

Definitely showcases how everyone has the ability to pave their own lives, especially in a prejudicial society, if they put their mind to it.

I’m glad Netflix is putting on more diverse shows as earlier this year, I was hooked onto this Indian drama Bombay Begums about ambitious women from various social backgrounds trying to attain their dreams and live a comfortable life in Mumbai. Another one was Followers, a Japanese drama, about the different lights of social media – from glitters and pastels to the dark and blotchiness of life.

My eyes are definitely sore from Last Madame. Tbh, I did skip some modern scenes because I was only interested in the past. The switching between the current and previous generation is reminiscent of The Little Nyonya which is also another Singaporean masterpiece. Both dramas made me shed a lot of tears and after doing a bit of research, I was wondering why the main actress felt familiar! She was actually in The Little Nyonya and she played a victim! I’m so glad they made stronger here because I felt terrible watching what happened to her.

And now that I’ve deepening my research, I’ve realised she married the main actor from The Little Nyonya! Gosh! I love this! I’m honestly keen to watch more of their dramas because I like their acting. I hope Netflix gets the rights to put their shows on.

I was’t too much of a hermit as I did go outside to take quick breather and continued to socialise online as usual. I miss hugging people. I wonder when we can do it again. I truly hope it can be soon. If only stupid people stop being so stupid. And our politicians are not helping as I don’t blame a lot of my friends and co-workers who are apprehensive of getting AZ. I’m thankful I got Pfizer when I had the change and I’m not in their position. But, in order to reduce the casualties and get out of lockdown quickly, we need to trust the medical advice (which has been changing) and adopt the mindset that “a vaccine is a vaccine”.

There has already been numerous research and after watching this series titled Explained S2 ‘The Next Pandemic’, I’ve come to understand how our modern scientists have developed our current one so efficiently. It’s called modern technology anti-vaxxers.

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