Sydney Lockdown Day 40

I miss my piano. I truly miss having my fingers play along the ivory keys. Heize’s new song On Rainy Days is truly making me reminisce my time with the piano. It’s weird saying this because I hated playing it when I was younger because I was forced to play it. But, not that I have creative freedom on what I want to play, it’s considerably enjoyable.

Just listen to the instrumentals.

I honestly can’t believe it’s already Friday which means another weekend under lockdown restrictions. I feel like I need to do something creative since I haven’t done anything of that sort for a few weeks now. Perhaps resume my painting and finish it once and for all?

My friends keep sending me links to other paintings I should purchase to pass this lockdown. They’re so beautiful but after experiencing this one, I know it requires a lot, a lot of time.

I wonder what else one can do during lockdown to pass the time? There’s only so much socialising I can do in a day. I love dramas but I feel like I’ve seen all I need to see. I already finished Shadow and Bone today and apparently there’s going to be a second season. Honestly not sure if I’ll watch that because the first season was just average…in fact lower than average.

The lack of chemistry between the characters really didn’t cut it out for me.

Perhaps cooking? I’ve been trying to venture out of my usual meals which I can make in my head now which is why I bought some curry mixes this week to attempt other cuisines.

Asian cuisines is really hard because I don’t have all the necessary spices since I wouldn’t really know how to use them. So purchasing these premixes was quite helpful.

I decided to make the coconut curry for dinner and added chicken drumsticks (after air frying them for 15mins). It was delicious and I didn’t realise how many calories it was! Would’ve thought twice if I scanned the barcode sooner. But its ok because I can have it in two meals.

I added vegetables, fish tofu and my fave enoki mushroom because I couldn’t get enough of it.

Perhaps I can add some noodles tomorrow because usually curries taste better the next day.

I did manage to go out for a walk around my neighbourhood today but only around 7000 steps as I felt bored. I think walking around the same place is becoming too mundane. I was considering Barrenjoey Lighthouse but that’s over 10km from my home šŸ˜¦ Perhaps back to Mona Vale again ~ should bring a mask since I’ll definitely be getting a barista-made coffee.

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