Sydney Lockdown Day 39

I began my early morning watching from where I left off last night with Shadow and Bone. It’s a drama adaptation from Leigh Bardugo’s same-titled novel which is in fact a trilogy. I’m intrigued with the fantastical plot line as it involves magic, or small-science as they like to call it. Some of the actresses and actors are not to my liking here and I think its due to experience. I’m not fond of the main actress, Jessie Mei Li, nor her rhetoric. In my opinion, Ben Barnes is saving this show instead.

There’s a bit too much contextual info that hasn’t been properly explained in the show (which I had to do a bit of research) but it’s not to the point where you don’t understand what they’re talking about. I like a bit of a guessing game but in this time when I like to know everything, I cheat and use Google.

Work was quite easy breezy today with only one live lesson and faculty meeting. I feel like my students are understanding the content more as I’ve seen huge improvements. I get excited when I see them progress because it means that whatever I’ve been telling them is working. This is definitely one of the many joys of teaching.

I love how the sun is shining so brightly today and it makes me feel like I should spend more time outdoors, especially at the beach. But, too bad I have priorities to fulfil at home. Didn’t stop me from making a sneaky getaway to the shops in which I saw this cute doggie (not well-versed with breeds) sitting on the driving seat.

Its super adorable and he/she looks super comfortable being in charge. I’m glad the owner was responsible enough to have winded the windows down so it won’t be too stuffy for the dog. Well-behaved too.

Perhaps I should get a puppy. Would be nice to have more company.

I went on the Olympics Medal Tally for the first time this week. I honestly stopped after the swimming events were over because that’s what I only watch for the olympics. Australia is currently in 4th place with 17 gold medals! WOOHOO! I think this is our best Olympics yet since Athens! Honestly well done to all the Olympians! Super stoked!

Watching Sport Climbing Olympics because I’m honestly missing climbing. While I hated that I had to cut my nails short for it, it was a great after-work social sport. I would love to get back to rock climbing and challenge myself again. I could never get up to their standard but they’re professionals. Kudos to them honestly because the difficulty of those obstacles are high up. Beats me from walking everyday.

Being on a calorie deficit has definitely made me hungry. I guess that’s the whole point. I’m thinking I should definitely purchase a kitchen scale so I can measure my food intake properly because I’m just eyeballing everything atm. I’ve even stopped myself from watching mukbangs as I don’t even want my stomach to feel jealous of what they’re consuming.

In the end, I started to watch this new Korean drama New Road: Tragedy of One which already seems promising from the first episode. The storylines based on the top 1% is definitely gaining popularity in South Korea and in my heart too. I wonder what secrets and lies this drama will unfold. I also wonder if Ji Jin Hee ever takes a break. He’s already starred in 3 dramas this year, not that I’m complaining because I love his acting.

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