Sydney Lockdown Day 37

Busy. Busy. Busy.

The first of the live lessons start today for me and already, I’m worried that I won’t get fed in time. I know I’ll be fine as these lessons should only go on for about half an hour but #foodislife.

Ok. I underestimated the energy to teach live. Answering so much repetitive questions in which the answers are just right in front of them gets frustrating. If only they can read. And it went for nearly an hour, not even half an hour 😩

It’s a sad fact but students are too dependent. It doesn’t help when they’ve been used to spoonfeeding, and I say this metaphorically.

Colourful brunch

But my mood instantly became better when I ate. Thank goodness I had the mind to cook my eggs and chicken tenders in the air fryer before the lesson began. It was still warm an hour later and so, I sped through the preparation to make this delicious goodness.

I honestly didn’t know this would’ve been the end-product but I love the colours. I didn’t add any sauce nor pickles as I would’ve usually done, but it still tastes scrumptious. I guess the tenders had enough spices packed into it to transfer to the rest.

It was a fairly long and tiring one today

I wasn’t too keen to walk after school but I powered through it. It was honestly tiring and my eyes were so dead. Even the pumping music didn’t make me seem active.

I think I’ll probably take a break from walking tomorrow. Or perhaps it’s just today? Teaching back to back lessons truly takes a huge toll on you.

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