Sydney Lockdown Day 36

Flipping through the online catalogues for Woolies and Coles has become my favourite pastime every Monday evening. I get excited thinking about what meals I can make and whatever new products that will grace the shelves when it comes to life on Wednesday. Wow. I’m ageing aren’t I?

Since watching Seaspiracy, I’ve decided to stay away from seafoods though I still have some salmon in my fridge. I feel like giving them away because I honestly feel sick at the thought of salmon now. Did you know salmon is not naturally pink? It’s actually grey. I’ve learnt so much startling facts from that documentary and it is insane how much information the government is withholding from us, as global citizens. It is honestly depressing knowing that we are allowing them to continue with this. We never thought of the ocean to be so important, nor the cause for a lot of natural disasters. It was so startling that I’ve decided to stay away from seafoods as much as I can.

Shouldn’t we want our beaches to remain beautiful? Our oceans to be less polluted?

And that is why I don’t even look at their prices on the catalogue. I wonder what else I can do as a human being to protect our Earth. Perhaps becoming a vegetarian? But I honestly love meat, though I haven’t had red meat in a long time. It’s so hard, but I am trying my best by ensuring I incorporate plenty of non-meat options which are high in protein into my diet. I’m slowly getting there. Am I a hypocrite?

I have to say though, why are unhealthy foods so cheap compared to vegetables? I mean, it’s not processed, requires less chemicals, less labour…This is why our society is getting fatter and unhealthier.

Speaking of good food, I’ve made a beautiful toasted croissant spread. Initially I wanted to have it my avocado but it unfortunately went bad 😦 So off to the bin it went.

But adding cheese to my cauliflower fried rice was mwah! I also filled up my daily carb intake by making these chicken steak salted chips fresh from the air fryer.

In actual fact, I noticed my potatoes were turning a bit green so I decided to make these hot chips.

The new episode of Love ft Marriage and Divorce came out today and it was bomb! The mistress and cheating husband finally got what they deserved (though I kind of feel bad for them). Why is the director trying to make us sympathise with them? I guess, this drama shows the different sides to the relationship and for all parties involved. But still, cheating is cheating. Our society doesn’t condone it…much.

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