Sydney Lockdown Day 34

An energetic morning fuelled by the delicious iced long black to help me make the 10km walk. Initially my friend was going to join but she couldn’t make the 8.30am start lol. Didn’t matter because I had pumping music to help me get through it. Having those beats beating through my ear drums definitely makes my legs get pumping to walk faster.

It’s funny how my arms are more tired than my legs – was it from carrying my water bottle? I actually bought an arm band for my phone mid-walk because I realised not all my leggings have pockets and the jacket I was wearing didn’t have a zip. I did have one for my old phone but never thought to get one for this phone because I never ran. Guess it’s one of those lockdown purchase but I think it will be worthwhile because I do want to turn running into a habit.

View from my lovely walk this morning

I didn’t even rest when I got home as I took my laundry out from the wash and decided to clean my entire kitchen, including my small appliances. All this before 11am. It’s perfect because the swimming events I want to watch doesn’t start till 11.30am and I considered these chores my cool down exercise.

But having a cleaner and organised house makes me feel a lot better as a person. Not that my house was messy before, but it’s definitely has a bit more of a sparkle now. I still need to dedicate a morning/afternoon for my bathroom. But that won’t happen today.

I’m so compelled to go furniture shopping or even purchase more organisers (which I don’t need). I think being stuck at home means that you’re always looking for things to update your home. I’ve already updated my couch a few days ago so I’ve been spending a lot more time in the living room.

It doesn’t help that the targeted ads that pop up on your social media is all about furnitures. My golly – they know exactly what I’m thinking!

Croissant + egg + spinach + tomato + Spanish Serrano ham

I decided to take my time to make my brunch in which I air-fried it for a few minutes to make it toasty warm. Initially I wanted to take my time savour it while watching swimming but my mouth couldn’t help but match their fast strokes.

But at least I could take my sweet time with my strawberries to end my day. I even added brie to reward myself for such a productive day. It’s a healthy snack while catching up on my dramas, especially with You Are My Spring 너는 나의 봄 . I felt bad for neglecting it for a few weeks but I’ve finally caught up to the latest ep!

In the end I couldn’t finish my dessert. I think my dinner was too heavy as I marinated some chilli Korean chicken. It was delish and I used the same marinade to make my fried cauliflower rice. I’m obsessed with using cauliflower as rice now as it has a nice crunch to it. Plus, it’s easier than just cooking rice. I don’t think I’ve had rice for a few months now. Better so because cauliflower is a healthier alternative.

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