Sydney Lockdown Day 33

It’s another Friday spent locked down under a roof. I honestly wonder how big of a party Sydney is going to throw once this is all over. I definitely want to be involved because it’s about time we start dancing and throwing our hands up in air like crazy people – we deserve it!

Today was a jam-packed day filled with meetings while squeezing in time to mark students’ work before the weekend starts. There was a lot to do but this day shockingly passed by so quickly. And its definitely not because I had fun – who enjoys marking? Not me.

I rewarded myself to a trip back to my favourite Mona Vale beach as soon as school ended. I absolutely adore this place as its so peaceful.

If it was a bit warmer, I would’ve taken off my sweater and swam with those cute doggies.

The reception here is not 100% as it takes a long time to update your IG story. But who cares. This is the time to be one with nature.

They have lovely cafes but I’m just content just sitting on the sand and watching the waves.

But of course, you can’t just sit down anymore because it’s not part of ‘exercising’. So I was just walking along the sand, exfoliating my feet, and it actually uses up a lot of energy. Sand-walking is a huge trek!

Although I couldn’t fulfil my 10,000 steps here, I wasn’t too peeved. My ulterior motive wasn’t to exercise anyways, but to go to stare at the waves then go shopping. I love the shops in this area as there are so many boutiques. But they are unfortunately closed due to the strict lockdown rules. If we think about this positively, it means my wallet gets to stay heavier for a bit longer.

I was famished when I got home and decided to make ravioli pasta. Initially wanted to make fried chicken but it’s taking too long to defrost so back into the fridge it goes. This pasta was so addicting and those meat balls – yum! Honestly glad I made a huge batch of them the other day because I could just pop them in the pan to heat them up before adding the veggies, pasta sauce and cooked ravioli. Because I just bought some Greek feta, I decided to put them. Absolutely superb!

Beef Ravioli with home-made meatballs, brussel sprouts, spinach & feta

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