Sydney Lockdown Day 31

Waking up knowing that I can cheer on my fellow Aussies at the Olympics is special. Kyle Chalmers is heading straight to the final for the 100m freestyle and we now have 6 GOLDS!

All this cheering and excitement made me quite famished in the early morning. But, I was lazy to make a nice grazing platter. So, I just air fried my gourmet frozen store-bought meat pie. It has camembert in there so at least I got some calcium in my body.

And to bring us back to our sheer reality – lockdown has been extended by 4 weeks (for now). It was expected and no one can or should argue this because we’ve already seen how some idiots ruined it for us. They’re introducing a singles bubble in which those who live alone (myself included) are allowed to nominate one designated family member/friend to visit. I like this idea but I don’t have friends who live in the area. It’s not going to make a difference. But, at least I can still travel between my places of residences so I’m not affected too much.

What I can’t fathom is the fact that Year 12s can return to face-face learning. Did they even think about the teachers who still have to teach online to other year groups? How can they balance that? The government basically want my colleagues to work till death. No wonder so many teachers are leaving this career. I don’t blame them.

There was already thoughts from teachers about axing the HSC for this year. But the Education Minister wouldn’t have it. Of course not. She’s not a teacher. She’s never been in our field nor know the pressures we’re facing. Yet, she makes the decision for us. 🤦🏻‍♀️

Why not listen to people who are directly involved? At least survey the teachers, students and parents. We should have more of a say than her.

These thoughts are too much for me especially after a full work day. So I took a breather outside to enjoy the fresh sea breeze. Definitely soothing!

I cut my walk a bit short because the skies were too grey for my liking and the weather app said it would be raining in a few hours. I also had to get back because I got a new couch and we needed to swap the old one out – it’s so comfy!

And I’m now lounging on my new couch watching Brendon Smith swimming in the 200m medley. Super fast and so young too! Definitely going to places that boy.

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