Sydney Lockdown Day 30

Officially one month of lockdown! Yay! A milestone! There’s still no news about our lockdown extending but I think it will. We’re nowhere near close to zero so possibility of extension is very likely.

I actually woke up in a happier mood compared to yesterday and felt like I had a lot of energy. The banging music certainly aids to this as I’m just dancing around my house.

I think having a good night’s sleep after having a great video call with friends and eating good food contributes to a healthier day and mindset. But still, yesterday was still a bit of a trauma for me. Can’t forget it and don’t even want to experience it again.

Such a serene scenery

I actually continued to work after school ended to create a more scaffolded worksheet for my Year 7s who are super anxious about writing an essay for the first time – poor them. But honestly, I revel in writing these and miss it! Even told my Year 10s I would sit their exam with them to write a full essay hahaha. They thought I was mental.

Anyways, the weather was so beautiful that I could wear my shorts for the walk! I didn’t manage to walk 10,000 steps (was super close to it) but I’m glad I got out of the house! It has honestly been a few days – oops.

But I’m super excited for the swimming events and Australia’s performance as Kyle Chalmers is heading straight to the semis for the 100m freestyle! I’m hoping he will win gold! aSeriously had my eye on him since the Rio Olympics and he continues to make Australia proud! I love our swimming team – such strong sportsmanship and work ethic!

And to keep the good news going, I somehow ended up working on my tax return and I think I paid off my HECS debt!!!! WOOOOOOO! I’ve been hearing that this debt stays with them for around 30 years so to think that I paid it off in less than 4 years is freaking amazing!

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