Sydney Lockdown Day 29

Monday mornings are always the worst. I was so busy that I worked through the grumbling of my stomach just to get work out of the way.

I hope we won’t get more work piled on top of this because I’m seriously done. It’s too much and I’m so close to breaking point.

I could finally take a break at noon to eat my first meal and watch some swimming event. But I couldn’t do this comfortably because my mind is still swirling from all the work I’ve done: video explanations for assessment tasks, 2 + weeks worth of work for all Year 9 classes, organising Q&A sessions, responding to emails and comments from colleagues, parents & students and more and more and more.

I have to say that I’m so annoyed at the Channel 7 commentators for the Olympics. If only we can just watch it without their comments. I’ve only just muted it now so my brain can get a break from the sounds.

Not only that, my brain is far too fried to take in compliments. I’ve been getting compliments about the work posted for all the Year 9 classes but honestly, I’m way past the point of caring

Is this a clear sign of burnout? Quitting seems so easy now. It’s depressing.

Actually let’s put a pause on that. It’s funny how I feel better after getting some food in me. My headache has reduced (thanks to Panadol) and I’m no longer frustrated. I might’ve just been hangry hahah!

But this new film by Shailene Woodley surprised me a lot. I’m not a huge fan of her but I have to admit that she acted quite well in this. It’s called The Last Letter from your Lover and it’s based on a novel by Jojo Moyes. The very same one who wrote the bestseller Me Before You. I cried in both movies because they are so touching.

What a way to end my day – game night with friends and crying from this fantastic film!

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