Sydney Lockdown Day 28

Was it the wine last night that made me unable to sleep peacefully? I only had 3 hours of sleep and the wind outside wasn’t helping me too much. I even googled “how to sleep quickly” for some tips and it advised me to play some puzzle games. Maybe I should’ve drank honey – that usually works.

So when I woke up, it wasn’t a surprise that I was too tired to even go outside for a walk. It was cold too. I caught up on some dramas just before the swimming came on. I guess this is when my patriotism comes through. Swimming is the only sport I watch for the Olympics and I have to say, I’m super proud of us. Despite what happened yesterday, sports actually bring us together and showcase our mateship. Plus, we won GOLD! I hope we can continue to climb up the leaderboard especially after the ladies beat their world record for the 100m freestyle relay this morning!

Well done to everyone!!!!! And of course, well done to our Australian Olympians!

After swimming, I spent some time lesson planning for the week so I can spend more time marking during the day. I honestly need to see if there’s a way I can beat the system so I don’t spend arduous hours marking students’ work. Perhaps there is no better way?

But after my productive morning, I managed to take a short nap which was truly helpful for my eyes. I woke up feeling even more refreshed than I was this morning and it was time for dinner! I made pad see ew with the sauce packet I bought from Woollies the other day and it was quite scrumptious. I had a lot of leftover beef mince so I decided to use it to make more meatballs since my previous batch worked quite well.

The oven rang just in time as I had a long video catch-up with the girls. It is honestly so nice to see their faces again and to just talk like there’s no tomorrow. I hope it will be normal soon. Let’s use our brains and be better humans everyone 🙂

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