Sydney Lockdown Day 27

In the end I didn’t watch the entire opening ceremony last night because I was so tired. I even had to put a pause on Kingdom because I was that tired.

So consider how shocked I was when I woke up and had the energy to go for a walk around the lake. It was a nice morning for it too ☀️

Halfway through my round, I decided to treat myself to a coffee since it’s been more than a month since I last had one.

The aroma…smell…the way it smoothly glides down my throat – it’s been too long.

It was definitely a great decision for the day as I needed that extra pick-me-up to get back since my butt started to ache.

I made it safely home (thanks to that coffee) and as my cool down, I decided to finish watching Kingdom: Ashin of the North. It lived up to its hype! I love Jun Jihyun and she was definitely the best actress to portray the role of Ashin!

Apparently there’s going to be another one coming out soon this year (I hope) so I’m quite excited for that.

I spent the rest of the day at home since I can’t really go out anymore and there’s no other reason for me to go out since I’ve everything I kind of need to survive on for the rest of today.

It’s frustrating how there’s us who obey the lockdown rules and there’s others who don’t. There’s this huge protest that went on earlier today at Sydney’s CBD (and I heard, also in Melbourne and Brisbane) and its so disappointing to hear. When did people become so selfish and so-entitled to think they can protest to end lockdown so they can have ‘freedom’? It’s ironic because their actions will cost all of our freedoms. I have no doubt that lockdown will be extended and perhaps we will have even tighter restrictions.

This is why it’s important for students to learn and pay attention at school. We teach you all those skills you need to be a model citizen in society. We help you foster those brain cells you were born with in order to make better, and critical decisions. Those “3500 very selfish boofheads” (quoted from Police Minister David Elliot) are all uneducated. It’s a fact.

We’ve seen it. Australia has seen it. The whole world has seen it.

The entire universe are shaking their heads saying: “Poor Australians. I can’t believe they can be so stupid.”

Yes, we are a democratic country so we are allowed to protest. But is this truly the right way to do so? When everyones’ lives are at stake? Didn’t they get enough information and see the horrific examples from other countries?

Compared to other countries who have seen serious devastation, we are considered lucky because we haven’t seen the worse of it. How many deaths would it take for them to realise that this is serious and not a hoax? How many lives do they want on their consciousness before they stop?

If we all don’t obey the rules and follow the health advice from professionals (which are there to help us all), our freedom that they’re supposedly fighting for is going to be doomed.

I bet you that these rioters involved are also the ones who claim the police department is wasting our taxpayers money. Newsflash – it’s because of those rioters that our police officers, who are doing their job to protect us, have to risk their lives and the lives of their dear family members to stop their selfishness.


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