Sydney Lockdown Day 24

Wasn’t too much of a peaceful sleep as I woke up around 3am due to the ghastly winds that kept on blowing loudly. I thought it was storming at first but it was just the howling wind.

Luckily I managed to fall back asleep but it was super hard to get up in time for school. Cutting out my usual get ready for work routine (shower, change clothes, pack lunch, etc) has saved me a lot of time in the morning so this is definitely one of the benefits of lockdown.

I had a hearty brunch as I wanted something warm but was too lazy to cook anything. I was searching for some ideas on Pinterest when I came by my old favourite – cooking eggs in the microwave! It’s warm, yummy and a quick meal to whip up.

Two eggs, spinach & carbonossi

Another reason why I love working at home is that I can’t take a break and have a meditative shower. It’s a good way to rest my eyes and I prefer to wash my hair in the early afternoon so that it can air dry nicely.

Plus, who can forget chores? I do them so timely now and it keeps my house looking so ordered and neat. Laundry is never procrastinated and now I don’t have clothes piling up on my chairs.

It’s the folding that’s getting to me now. I have too many clean clothes that are just waiting to be folded 😔

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