Sydney Lockdown Day 23

Waking up to a 90% sleep quality kind of made me a bit shocked because I spent the night watching Van Helsing. I honestly haven’t even stopped and I so want to get up to season 5 before Kingdom comes out because I’ll definitely be prioritising that.

Isn’t the numbers just blissful?

But I don’t think I’ll be able to realise that wish because my eyes are super heavy from school (no surprise there). Its funny how I seem to always want to nap immediately after school ends because your brain has been on an overload for 6 hours straight. I honestly didn’t even have my breakfast until 11am because I was concentrated on helping my students every step of the way.

I was going to go out for a light jog around the block but decided against it because I wasn’t bothered. But, for some reason I was bothered to dance it out in my living room and complete a body combat session. Maybe I just didn’t want to go find socks lol.

This reminds me that I need to do laundry. It’ll be windy tomorrow so hopefully my clothes will dry asap. If not, the sun is out the next day and it doesn’t seem like it’s going to rain for the rest of the week 🙌 Which means I am free to walk along the beach tomorrow (if its not too windy). I would hate to have sand blowing at my eyes even though I’ll have my glasses for protection. It’s not a nice feeling.

For dinner today, I made a bulk serving of cauliflower fried rice. Since moving out, I haven’t been eating much rice. Instead, I would chop up cauliflowers into small and dainty pieces and have that as my ‘rice’ instead. It’s a very healthy alternative and I love cauliflowers so it definitely tastes great. There is honestly enough for 2-3 more meals which is perfect for this week as I can have it with mash (if I do go grocery shopping tomorrow for potatoes), fried chicken or even a hearty piece of steak.

I swear cooking just unlocks my creativity and I don’t even plan my meals. I just look into whatever my fridge has and just cook it. Does this mean I’m becoming more of a professional? No planning and measuring? 🤔

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