Sydney Lockdown Day 22

What a morning! I woke up and immediately went to watch the new episode of Love ft Marriage and Divorce. This entire episode was focused on a conversation between a husband and wife. It was mind-boggling to see how the husband tries to rationally ‘argue’ his way out of the wife’s determination to have a divorce. He would not admit it and kept on using their daughter as an excuse to stay in this marriage.

The wife is strong. I’m so glad she didn’t fall for his gaslighting and called him out on it. It’s like talking to a stubborn child and I would’ve lost my patience if that happened to me.

Anyways, it was a cold morning so I started working while wearing my oodie. The construction noise was super loud outside which made it hard to concentrate and by the time I was given the OK I’m allowed to go to school, it stopped. I didn’t know that each school had a max set of staff members that were actually allowed on school grounds but I was told this was in place due to the Saturday announcement of the stricter restrictions. Only max 4-5 staff (including the office staff) was allowed in school.

I honestly doubt the remote learning will end by the end of July because of the high numbers. I’m honestly getting a bit too tired about it as there’s just a lot of questions…same questions I have to answer. If only they use their brains to read the instructions carefully. But then there are students who truly surprise you and work very well on their own. It is so hard to teach behind a screen because we’re just providing them with a scaffolded worksheet and those who are very low-ability…I feel for them. Truly.

But that’s what we have to do now. It’s life.

And as soon as 3pm hit the time, I immediately breathed a huge sigh of relief. A truly long day staring at the screen as it tires your eyes out. I had to take a nap after work but in the end, I was too busy finishing the second season of Van Helsing. I’m currently up the third and my oh my, this series is riveting. These vampires are not hot but the storyline and girl power is.

By the time I got up to the third season it was around 6pm and my stomach was rumbling. I decided to make tteokbokki since I bought a whole bulk of food from the korean mart yesterday. YUM! I added carrots, fish cakes and even enoki mushrooms since I miss eating them so much. Oh. Plus cheese hehe.

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