Sydney Lockdown Day 20

When the clock struck 3pm, it was a huge sigh of relief of all teachers here in Sydney. We’ve all survived a week of online learning. I can’t believe we did it! Now, it’s only three more weeks of online learning, unless it is extended again.

I’m starting to feel the side affects atm with sore eyes and headaches. But I made sure to walk around my neighbourhood, while also having a cheeky run over the sands as it overlooks the waves. Beaches sure are magical.

Would’ve loved to capture the sunset but it was too windy to stay out 😦

But, since I’ve alternated to my blue-lens glasses, my eyes are not as sore as it was for the past few days. Staring at the screen is honestly bad for me and I don’t want my eyes to weaken considerably as the power has already increased last year – oops.

Yet, to celebrate our week of success, my faculty decided to hold an impromptu video call as we drink and reflect on our challenging week. I even made myself a delectable grazing platter since I bought this huge chunk of brie the other day. Plus, I also needed to finish my olives as its been weeks since I’ve bought it lol – still safe to consume! It was super nice to see familiar faces again because when I go out for walks, all I see are strangers.

Oh! In fact, I saw my students today. I didn’t recognise them at first because I was too busy chatting with my friend but noticed two girls constantly waving at me. It wasn’t until I walked close to them that I recognised them. They’re super sweet and we all miss being at school and going back to our daily routine.

Being stuck at home on a Friday night isn’t too bad especially since I want to curl up in my oodie and sleep. I’m honestly lethargic despite sleeping 8hours on average this week. Full-time work does that to you lol.

I was planning on going for a hike around Palm Beach tomorrow but considering that it’ll be very windy tomorrow and I have video calls during the afternoon, I might postpone it till Sunday.

I wonder if I’ll continue doing this daily reflection…work is sapping a lot of my energy and brainpower.

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